Repairing dental cavities


I feel your pain. I avoided going to the dentist for a couple of years in there, too, because I was too afraid to go. And then it didn’t help that I was afraid to admit that it had been a few years since I’d gone. Let’s just say that, if you cry in the dentist’s office, you won’t be the first person over the age of 10, or over the age of 25 for that matter, to cry at the dentist’s office…

Some dentists will give you a medicine similar to Valium to take before your appointment. Ask if your dentist will do that.

Tell the dentist in as much detail as you can exactly what it is about going to the dentist that frightens or bothers you. It’s different for everyone who’s afraid of the dentist. For a lot of people, it’s pain. For me, it’s being lectured about not brushing or flossing properly.

Let the dentist know if you’re having tooth or jaw pain, or if your teeth are temperature-sensitive and hurt for a few seconds after the hot or cold material comes into contact with them.

I think teeth are right up there with knees and lower back pain as a refutation of Intelligent Design. A really intelligent designer would have given us teeth like some sharks have- their teeth are replaced as they wear out.