Retroactive pictures in posts

Something I just noticed in an Elections forum thread: pictures.

In posts from the old board, there were quotes from a media site and this new board went out to that site and grabbed what I assume (and certainly looked like) a picture from that article. Put it in a box with the picture on the left and the article title and quote to its right. I only saw two such and they were both from CNN. Other quotes from Fox News, for example, didn’t get this treatment. Possibly because the non-CNN quotes were more than a paragraph, or just not in a form the Discorse software could understand. Or maybe CNN is special for some reason.

I don’t have a link to that thread (not even sure how to get a link to a specific post), but the topic was about John Bolton’s book.

OK, it’s not just CNN that’s special. I just saw the same thing in this thread from GQ and most of them were from Wikipedia.

That is an “unfurled” url. If you paste in a whole url outside url tags, just naked, it fetches a page preview and puts that in for you. For example,