Revenge of Made-Up Band Names A-Z


Two Plastered Two Play

The Un-Cooties

Victory at C Sharp

We Really Did Take Music Lessons, Believe It or Not

Xeriscaping For Dummies. Feat. Tami. Stoats & the Other Meta References

Youthful Yodelers of Yesterday

They’re elderly yodelers today.

Zen Aholes

A Zenholes

The B-Sensibles

The C-Us Onstage

D-Testable Hypothesis

The E-Vil Stoat Eaters

F-Shart Fitzgerald

G-We Wish We Knew What We Were Doing

H-Before Beauty

I-Can’t Hear You Over All This Fucking Noise

J-Walker And the Strays

K.K. Linguine and the Creamy Sauces

L-Ephants Gerald