Revenge of Made-Up Band Names A-Z

Verified Orchestra - We Will Really Show Up and Play

We’ve Arrived (And To Prove It We’re Here)

Xzgrpht Zblmn

You Coulda Thought Up a Better “X” Name

Zblmn ftg. Xzgrpht

(the) Alabama Fungible Bongo Conglomerate.

Bad Names Have We

Couple of Drunk Guitarists and a Drummer Who’s Just High On Life

Dopesick Dumbwaiters

Elmo & Caillou & Barney

Five Guys Desperate for a Booking


Grabass Rock and Roll

The Halfwits

I Melieve In You

Just Mhat I Manted

Keep Melieving

Land Band w/ Rand Montand

The Marshmallow Fluffers

The Nougat Barons

The Omaha Sophisticates