Revenge of Made-Up Band Names A-Z

Damned If We Play, Unpaid If We Don’t

Everybody Here Plays Kazoos

For God’s Sake, Shut Up and Listen!

God Here: Don’t Shut Up On My Account

Herbert J. Portlecutt, Esq. Proudly Presents A Treasured Moment For All America As The Fabulous Indigo Brothers Recently From A Stint In Boise Where They Slaughtered 'Em Is Joined With The Mighty Mighty St. Gabriel Municipal Choir And Glee Club Now Back With Their Original Choir Director Harriet Meezenbaum And, Of Course, Razor Tweenie’s Brass Ensemble, And Now, Also, Even Also, Tami!

In You Go, Girls

Just Background Noise


Kids Throw Things At Us

Li’l Bitty Bert

The Manhole Covers

Not Really a Band

O Pianissimo

The Platypus and Quokka Accordion Orchestra

Quinn Quigley and His Quite Simply Finest All-Stoat Orchestra in the World

Revolting Vermin

Stoats Don’t Like You Either

Titular Band

Ugly Stoats and Mairzy Doats

Verminus Maximus

The Wanderers Who Got Tired and Just Went Home