Revenge of Made-Up Band Names A-Z

Almost Out Of Stoat-Themed Band Names

Band Names Are Not The Only Criteria. There Is Songs. We Don’t Have Songs Either.

Can’t Get No Stoat-isfaction

Deliver Us From Ennui

Enough Stoats Already!

Filling You With Warmth And Love

Gently Putting Big Fluffy Pillows All Around You and Making You A Nice Cup of Tea

Horton Hears a Stoat

The Inaudibles

Just What Are You Saying?

Kidding, Just

Lemmings Dressed as Stoats

More Quokkas, Fewer Stoats

Nix The S Words, Nuke The Q Words

Orange County Purple Stoat and the Weevils.

Playing That Funky Muzak


Reliving Our Successful Years

Stoats, Dominated by Quokkas

Tortoise Junction (a Grateful Dead cover band)