Revenge of Made-Up Band Names A-Z

Under The D’ohme

Vorsprung Durch Stoats

Welcome to the Stoat Farm

X-Halations of X-Men

You Betcha We’re From Minnesota!

Zorro and the Masked Stoats

Anyone Here Play Drums?

The Baltimore Terrapins (there was a pro baseball team called the Baltimore Terrapins over 100 years ago)


Can’t Say We Didn’t Try

Donner Dinner Theater Orchestra

Ermines and Stoats in Love

Forever Jung

Goin’ Fission

Hummus A Tune

Isthmus Bee

(‘Isthmus Bee what?’ — ‘Isthmus Bee the band’)


Jerry Coe and the Walls

Kendal Mint Cake & the Sugary Confections.

Losers at Love

Marconi Island

North by Southeast