Revenge of Made-Up Band Names A-Z

Kidding, Just

Lemme Have Those Zoot Suits

Momos With Sauce

Never Mind the Momos, Gimme Those Zoot Suits!

Ombudsmen Of Chaos

Petty Crash

The Quimberly Jones Experience

Recalcitrant Stoat.

^ I think I did that before - great minds!

In play:

Suesuesue Your Ass

Time For Shouting And Yelling!

Unger, Oveur, & Dunn

Vicariously Zootish

The Wet Naps

Xtreme Madness

You’ll Never Believe They Hired Us

Ziffle Chops

All Good Boys Deserve Faygo

The Buns of Navarone.

Chimps in the Manger

The Damnit Janets