Revenge of Made-Up Band Names A-Z

Indigenous Trump & the Clintons

John-Boy and the Goodnighters

Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill the Waltons

Lichen Or Not, Here We Grow

Must We Play? Yes…Must You Watch? Maybe

Noises for Nudniks


Oh, We Really Stink!

Percival and the Pernicious Persimmons

Quokkas in Leftover Zoot Suits

The Relatively Sober Band

Still Standing, in Spite of Our Drummer

To Play Well Is Just beyond Us

The Unwritten Rules

The Velour Mainstream

We Can’t Sing or Play, But We Need Your Money

The Xanthosiderites

The Zanthosiderites

(we’re suing)

Y No Y?

The Yuge

The Zanthro’s

(we lost our suit when we lost our Y)