Revenge of Made-Up Band Names A-Z

X Clujun Zone

Yet Another Stoat-Themed Band

Zebedee and The Forgotten Quokkas

A Is For Asshole

The Bufus

The Constipated Ducks

(from a Jeff Beck song title)

The Delighted Emus

The Enlightened Foxes

The Frigid Gnus

The Gnostic Acrostics

Hairy Harry and the Bald Band

Indignant Smith and his Frugal Stoats

Julius Caesar’s Ghost’s Son’s Revenge’s Curse and All-Nite Convenience Store

Ken Loves Barbie But Fucks Skipper

Last Person Out Please Turn the Lights Off

Mock Turtleneck Soup

Naively Insouciant

Out of Tune


Quarry Residue