Right of Conquest/War is Murder - Double Standard?

This seems most applicable. Its from Geneva Convention relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War . I’m still at work, so I don’t have time to more than skim the document (its quite large)…I may have missed some relevant sections.

However, this doesn’t preclude the person under question being ‘treated with humanity’, and ‘shall not be deprived of the rights of fair and regular trial prescribed by the present Convention’. However, they definitely forfeit their rights under the current convention (appearently I was wrong…there have been several iterations of the convention, so it HAS kept up with modern times).

Anyway, there is a bunch more…I encourage everyone to read through it for this discussion. I only skimmed it, as I’m getting ready to bolt for home after a day at work.

Hopefully this will move things along in this thread.


Thanks, xtisme. I really wasn’t looking forward to the long search to find the correct information (I seem to have a knack for using key words that don’t narrow the search down very much :rolleyes: )