Rock acts you got to see on the skids

This past summer, I got to see Blue Oyster Cult, Survivor, Billy Squier, Bad Company, and Styx at a festival in San Antonio. Six acts total (there was an up-and-coming act first) for fifty bucks.


You guys ought to be around the Iowa summer festival circuit. Just this year, we’ve been “treated” to Three Dog Night, Kool & the Gang, and Grand Funk Railroad. No, I didn’t go to see them. I’d rather slit my wrists.

I saw Duran Duran in 1997, and they were GREAT! They’d sort of filled the largest (but still not that big) auditorium at the Tampa Performing Arts Center.

I also caught Men at Work at Raymond James Stadium a couple of years ago. They played after a Tampa Bay Mutiny game. Of course, the audience stood down on the field and the band played at one end. They sounded and looked just as they had 15 years ago. They must have watched their “Behind the Music” on VH1 and realized they were looking a bit rough, and eased up on the Vegemite sandwiches.

awhile back, i ran sound in a folk club for John Hall, singer from the seventies group, Orleans. He did his smash hits, “Still the One” and “Dance With Me” on solo acoustic guitar. The ten or so in attendance were very appreciative.

great topic, Vinnie!

I saw the Ohio Players at a medium sized bar a couple of years ago.

I should probably note that they absolutely rocked.

Ah God, are they still together?! I hadn’t heard anything from them after their third album, and that was back in high school. I’d go see them.

Rick Derringer at the Coffee House in Davis circa 1981. Seats about 60. It was WAY after his prime, and he walked off in a huff when someone yelled out “that old fuck can still play.”

Devo and George Thorogood played there before they got big.

Blue Oyster Cult playing as Soft White Underbelly in a dippy little place in SF.

Foghat–at a bar in Springfield, Massachusetts. There might have been a few hundred people crammed in.

Ace Frehley–same bar, same number of people. This was in '94 or so, before he got smart, put his makeup back on, and went to make some real money.

They were both great shows, though.

KC and the Sunshine Band at the Readington Balloon Festival, NJ

Blue Oyster Cult at Lupos in Allentown, about 600 people max (they sucked ass)

By the way if you want to check out a real loser lineup, visit THIS site:

And these are just the LEAD SINGERS of these bands! :rolleyes:

Yep. They’re playing the York Fair this next week. Anyone desperate to go and see them is more than welcome to crash at my place.

I expect no company, by the way. :wink:

Journey’s going to be playing at the fair, too.

Saddest one is the tribute to the Beatles show that was going to play in York, Pa.: Todd Rungren, Ann Wilson from Heart, Alan Parsons and John Entwistle.

Canceled due to low ticket sales.

I hope your $50 wasn’t going towards seeing BOC, because you got ripped off. They recently played the Woodridge Summertime Jubilee for free.

Wow, Nuclear Assault was the first non-local band I saw live. They played at ‘On the Rocks’ (a metal club that was once frequented by David Koresh) in Deep Ellum in 1993. The guitarist’s guitar was messed up so they played the whole set with only one guitar.

I won’t get to see the reformed ELO as the tour was cancelled to low ticket sales. It should have been billed as Jeff Lynn as Richard Tandy was not on the new album and just coming along for the ride on the tour.

The Doobie Brothers put on a garage band sloppy show in the late eighties in Tucson. Very sad. Three years ago saw K.C. and the Sunshine Band at the Oracle Openworld conference. Sounded good but not the venue they were used to. The other bands there were up and comers like Big Bad Voodoo Daddy.

Saw Vanilla Ice at a club in daytona a couple spring breaks ago. There was about 200 people there, most just came to party and didnt care much for Vanilla Ice.

I saw Foghat playing at the Flagstaff, AZ, Festival in the Pines in 1993.

There’s a club in Springfield, VA, Jaxx, that features mostly washed up 80s metal acts, like Poison, Great White, and Ratt.

Sometimes rock stars in their Dotage can be quite excellent. The Allman Bros. come to mind. But the prices these guys charge now for a ticket!

In 1993 I saw Emerson, Lake & Palmer at Northrup Auditorium in Mpls, Mn and there were more empty seats than people there. Pity, it was a good show. A couple of years later Duran Duran played Target Center (capacity 20,000) and sold a couple of thousand tickets. I saw Roger Daltrey at the Minnesota State Fair in (‘95? he was touring with a full orchestra) and it was far from a sellout. But it was a great concert. But the ultimate band on the skids was The Grateful Dead by simple virtue of their prolific touring schedule and before the Deadheads get mad let me say that they are my favorite band. While they were still capable of fantastic shows right up to the very end, those smokin’ shows became further and further between, and the ones that sucked were sad to watch.

BTW i mentioned Vanilla Ice because he was trying to play rock, to the drunken chants of ICE ICE BABY going up from the crowd.

REO Speedwagon opened for Tim McGraw at the Tulare County Fair a couple of years ago. The place was filled for Tim, and they put on a great show. I was never a rock fan, but they were cool.