Rock bands and international travel

And don’t forget the Sith department, too.

No crab dude. There is a smiley in there.:slight_smile:

And a big fat admission that I haven’t done much of shit, as far as world hopping goes.:dubious:

I read in a magazine, Chuck Berry required a Lincoln towncar at the airport, and a Gibson ES-3xx be provided. So he could blow into town empty handed.

He’d specify he wanted a backing band that knew his catalog…the whole thing. That bookends with JC’s post. He not only wants the band to know all his stuff cold, you have to guess which song he’s doing now.:eek:

Story was, he took the guitar as often as he could get away with it. :rolleyes:

I am and have been a stagehand for the past 37 years and I can vouch for the accuracy of mikecurtis’s posts. IATSE for a better life, for life.

in 2012 Wall tour Roger Waters hired local kids to sing the "we don’t need no education " parts . I guess he got them from local choirs .

Foreigner has often done the same for their song “I Want To Know What Love Is.”

I know nothing about the industry, but I do know that in recent years Neil Peart’s kit wasn’t even broken down between shows. It traveled as a lump. Having seen Rush perform in recent years, I can see why. Kids could play hide and seek in Neil Peart’s drum kit.

I appreciate the answers about roadies and techies but what about groupies? Do major bands have groupies that travel with them or do they just pick up new ones when they visit other countries?

This thread needs more cowbell…

In recent years the School of Rock has been supplying the kids. Traditionally, every new location starts with The Wall as their first show.