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Time to do some yardwork. Better get the ladder out so you can trim those high branchs. Just becareful not to drop the ladder and/or the pole saw onto the wires. :wink:

I’ve tried to say that word three times and I just can’t get it to come out.

Excuse me, did I just see ** Tripler** comment on construction without advocating the use of explosives?
… gonna go watch Satan buy ice skates… :: ducks::
…and no, hockey fans, I don’t mean Miroslav…

Surely you mean groundhogs, Mr. Scylla!

And we all know which kind of groundhogs would undermine Fenris’s sanity on Scylla’s command, don’t we?

(Makes me proud to be a part of the Union of Evil Beings, Persons, and Formless Terrors (Local 1186).)

Unbe-frikkin-lievable! :eek:

As a person with a similar username and recent dealings with electricity, here’s my 2¢:

We wanted to trim some high branches which were near power lines at the weekend and called the line company for advice. They had someone round in less than half an hour to see whether we needed the power off or not, and ended up doing the trimming for us so we couldn’t possibly damage either ourselves or the power line.

How any electricity company can afford to appear so blasé about safety is simply incomprehensible to me. shakes head in disbelief

I second the PUC approach, FWIW.

I love “public futilities” SpectBrain. I hope you don’t mind if I start using that phrase. I will let you have Comical Edison and Northern Illinois Gasholes in exchange.

We once had a big fat wire come down in a storm. The wire stretched all the way across the street, at a height of about four feet from the ground. Turned out it was the cable TV company’s wire. We called them, and they said unless the cable was malfunctioning, it was not a priority. First they’d have to get everyone whose TVs were on the blink back up and running, THEN they’d come out and fix the wire. So we called the cops, because (once the storm had passed) it was a gorgeous summer day and the street was right at the entrance to the park - which meant children riding their bikes could easily be “clotheslined” or worse. The cop came out, listened to our tale of woe, then asked if we had any garden shears. We gave them to him, he clipped the wire, then radio’d in to the dispatcher that a passing car whose plate he “somehow missed” went through and pulled the wire down. Meanwhile, my neighbors called the cable company and told them their cable was out - the cable company was there in minutes.

“Sport Futility Vehicle” is another one you may enjoy, then.

Fenris, what if you simply tell the electric company your line is down? Perhaps less information is better in this case.


BTW and FYI, here in the Denver metro area, the power company IS the PUC, so playing them off each other isn’t going to work.

For what it’s worth, I finally managed to contact someone sane and really competent and the power line that was tangled in my trellis has been tighened so it’s not any more. The poles are still leaning, but the sane person (who, once I explained the situation to him got someone out to get the linoff my house in about 2 hours!!!*) is working with the phone company and I have every hope that things will now proceed apace.

*I don’t know what they’re paying this guy, but it’s not enough–customer friendly, intelligent, polite…what more could you ask for?! :slight_smile:

Rich, big chest, long tongue…
well, you asked