Ron DeSantis 2024

This seems like it would lead to the collapse of the global economy and fatal disruptions of the global food supply. Which makes me wonder if some kind of corporate or foreign intervention of some kind could become a factor. It sounds far fetched, but hey, at the point being theorized here, I think anything becomes possible. This is world-shaking stuff here; I can’t see how a majority of economic or political power decides that this result is in their personal best interest. Maybe someone smarter at the helm who’d be trusted to keep promises and alliances, but just as Trump is definitely not that, is DeSantis? I don’t know.

Serious question: when folks say this, what are they envisioning in a logistical sense? Troops marching on every urban/liberal area of the country? Conversion of police nationwide to a military unit? This has been one reason I keep saying that I can’t see “United States structured exactly how it is now, except dictatorship” as a probable/possible outcome; I don’t think the current structure the size of the country can be propped up across the current national boundaries with fear and violence as the major glue.

Nah. All the police will have to do is treat white people like they already treat black people.

Something often not mentioned in discussions of DeSantis 2024 is that he has the gubernatorial election in 2022 first. (dale42j did mention this in post #10)

Frontrunners are Mr. DeSantis (R), ex-governor-turned-U.S. Rep Charlie Christ (D), and Sec. of Agriculture Nikki Fried (D).


In general, authoritarian states operate with a mix of visible armed forces, a legal system that corruptly punishes dissent, and a population taught that informing on their friends and relatives is both lucrative, and “patriotic.”

I don’t see any reason to believe that a nation as large as the USA would be immune to such tactics. We’ve already lived through many of the precursors: a de-valuing of the concepts of “democracy” and “rule of law” and an adoption of cynical acceptance of corruption. We have an entire media apparatus ready to embrace and celebrate authoritarian rule. We have a substantial portion of the population trained to believe that they need “protection” from particular scapegoats (immigrants and other outgroups), and that “a strong government” is the right way to achieve that protection.

Why would physical (or population) size protect us from what’s already here?

Personally, I can’t imagine this will help him, but what do I know?

The Florida Department of Education made good on a threat to withhold funding from local school districts that defied Gov. Ron DeSantis’ ban on mask mandates.

Just days after a state judge ruled that the governor’s ban was unconstitutional, Florida’s education commissioner on Monday announced the state was withholding funds from Alachua and Broward counties “for their continued violation of state law.”

How long is it before Desantis channels his inner Huey Long and uses the state police to create a police state?

I also can’t help but be curious about the political calculations of all of DeSantis’ moves. I get that many on the right are driven by “owning the libs” and how that plays out on the ground - they figure they weren’t going to get those votes anyway. But at some point, he’s gotta be pissing off (and killing off) a measurable number of people who have voted for him, or would tend to in the future.

Biden promised (Politico) to compensate the schools beforehand so it sort of makes sense in a dumb, “well this way we can make the feds pay for our schools and stay in the news” way.


Money, money, money…

Of course. If Trump can be elected, then DeSantis can be.

I wonder at what point Trump will consider DeSantis a threat to his own reelection campaign and turn against him?

The instant he sees him in that light, of course.

DeSantis strikes me as the proverbial “good soldier”. Yes, he is ambitious but he is also only 43. I find it highly unlikely he will run in 2024 if Trump does. In fact, I would say he would be on the extremely short list of possible VP choices for a second Trump run. Of course, that would mean Trump would have to establish residency back in NY or at his golf club in NJ.

But no way DeSantis enters the race without approval from The Don.

@CalMeacham shared this in the Party of Evil thread, but it belongs here, too.

Standing by while idiots spout nonsense and thousands of your voters die. The perfect GOP candidate!

This may be happening already? I’ve been seeing reports that Trump is turning against DeSantis, possibly because he sees him as up-coming competition?

Wow, Trump says one thing and thinks (add your own scare quotes around that word, if you want) another? That would be a first.