Ron DeSantis 2024


Those were the test kits that his office denied existed last week, correct? So they went from not existing to expiring because no one wanted the things that didn’t exist. Or something. Got it.

If Trump is around then Trump is running and DeSantis will stand back.

If Trump isn’t around - e.g., because he’s in jail, has fled to another country, or is too busy running from trial to trial on his way to jail - then the Republicans aren’t going to win that year. He’ll have dragged them down.

In that latter case, maybe DeSantis runs just to get the practice. But my expectation would be that the party would try to run someone bland who tries too hard to straddle keeping Trump supporters with those who want to disavow Trump and fails in the doing. You’ll forget their name within a few months of the election.

Not when they spend the subsequent 4 years bawling and caterwauling about how the election was rigged, fraudulent, and stolen from them.

Well, they tried bland against Trump when he ran the first time (brother Bush, et. al.). The Primary voters went for circus instead. So, circus seems to be the winning strategy on the GOP side, for the big prize, at least.

Even when he’s right about something - people should be fully vaccinated - Trump can’t help but go on the attack, especially against anyone with the effrontery to consider running against him in 2024.

I approve of this political attack


Blame Mitch? Well… why not?

Your missing option number three, in which Trump’s lifestyle gets the better of him and he succumbs to BigMac toxicity, becoming an instant martyr to the cause. In that scenario, I think DeSantis has a chance.

Who would he choose as running mate?

His wife is fighting breast cancer and they have three small children under the age of 5. I doubt whether he’s going to want to actually run in 2024, that’s a lot of stress for a family.


I almost forgot that we had this thread; here’s some news:

I realize that I’m just a random avatar, and even I appreciate that this is speculation, but I was talking today with a woman who lives down the street from, and walks her dog with, DeSantis’ father. She claims that Ron is not going to run.

Of course, I told her I bet $100 that she’s wrong.

He is looking at a nasty fight with Trump, though, if he does.

He is only 43 years old, so he has many many chances ahead of himself. Yes, he would benefit in 2024 by being recently at the top of the news. But I think he could position himself as VP for the next GOP winner (however that works out). And then lead into a White House run in 12 - 16 - 20 years.

Unless it’s Trump. They are both officially Floridians, so they can’t be on the same ballot.

Of course, it is entirely possible that DeSantis hides his time. But, I think the GOP sees Biden as a weak incumbent, and DeSantis has been wading into national political issues, which I interpret as an attempt to become a player at the National (instead of Statewide) level.

They can, but Floridians can’t vote for both. So VP nominee DeSantis might not be elected, while President Trump is: Twelfth Amendment to the United States Constitution - Wikipedia

It’s generally a simple thing for a candidate to change their residence for electoral purposes – Dick Cheney had to do so when Bush picked him as his VP in 2000. So Trump could just switch his residence back to New York or to some red state that would be glad to have him. Of course, Trump being Trump, he’d probably make DeSantis change his, which could be awkward for the incumbent governor of Florida.


I believe that’s nationwide, not just Florida.

America’s Governor my ass.

And mine, and just about everyone I know.