Rove's racist push-poll against MCain: Is there any doubt Rove did it?

The push poll in question, though, was done in South Carolina during the primary race.

Then why do you call it “Rove’s racist push-poll against McCain?”

Umm, because that’s the incident I’m asking about.

Calling it “Rove’s racist push-poll” sort of implies you already have proof that he was involved. Which is it? Are you asking us if he did it? Or are you telling us?

Maybe for clarity, but he’s asked repeatedly and he hasn’t said “Rove did it” anywhere else.

Yes, I actually have proof, but decided to act like I didn’t. Gotta get that post count up!

Perhaps if a mod removed “Rove’s” from the title, this would move forward? Although it doesn’t sound like there’s going to be a lot proof offered anyhow.

Well, my question was completely answered by DMC’s link, so I don’t know if there’s any place to go.

I talked to my friend, and he says he remembers doing a push poll and the timing is right, but he does not remember the details. He says “illigit black child” doesn’t ring a bell, but that he can’t count it out.

Sorry I’m not help =).

That’s cool, thanks for investigating.

It’s an exercise in post-modern irony.

Do you believe that it is at all possible that McCain chose to run honestly displaying his beliefs and principles? That, win or lose, it was more important to him to run as himself?

It is sadly accurate that those who chose to run in such a manner will almost always lose to those who chose to sell their souls.

Possible? Yes. Likely? No.

Even McCain recognized his mistake (too late), and afdter he’d already lostr every Southern state, he was going around assuring Republican voters “I’m a Reagan Republican.”

Now, there are only two possibilities:

a) He really IS a Reagan Republican (and he generally voted like one in the Senate) but chose to run from his record during the primary season,

b) He was never really a Reagan Republican and merely pretended to be one in order to get elected in conservative Arizona.

If it’s a, well then he IS as stupid as I stated earlier. And if it’s b, he was never a man of principle, since he sold out his more progressive ideals to get elected.

Either way, it doesn’t speak well of him.

Personally, as a conservative, I used to admire McCain, and he WAS my preferred candidate when he first entered the race. He did everything possible to alienate me and other conservatives during the primaries. If you want to win the nomination of a conservative party, but choose to run as a liberal, you’re ASKING to be rejected.

To use a hypothetical counterexample, I think it would be wonderful if a liberal Democrat running for the Presidential nomination would bash Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, or to attack the excesses of labor unions… but since the unions and the black bloc are VERY important parts of the Democratic coalition, it would be suicidal for any candidate to do that. In short, it wouldn’t be noble and principled, it would be STUPID!

Like McCain.

I would have had more repsect for McCain if he had kept Bush’s feet to the fire for the campaign deceit. There’s one book I would buy if he ever did a tell-all book.

Rove probably did it. But he’s smart enough not to leave a trail Until he makes a big mistake (and perhaps he did in the CIA scandal), you won’t get a glove on him.

This is the one thing that bothers me about the Plame affair. Rove has always been very careful to distance himself from his dirty tricksters. Yet in the Plame case, he personally committed the treasonous acts. What was he thinking? And why did he break his rule about not getting personally involved in the dirty tricks after arranging them?

And to answer the OP, there’s no way a reasonable person, looking at Rove’s record, could assume anyone other than Rove set up the racist push-poll.

How is attacking the religious right a liberal stance? I know my fair share of conservative Republicans who aren’t crazy about them.

I remember the *Newsweek * coverage at the time, suggesting that it was a shadowy South Carolina conservative group loosely affiliated with Bush - or that supported Bush for President and was tied into the state’s GOP establishment - that did the push poll. The OP has correctly described the poll itself. I don’t remember Rove’s name coming up at the time, but he wasn’t all that well known then, and might just have been considered an interchangeable campaign flunky not worth naming in any story.

The anti-McCain campaign in S.C. in early 2000 has some features in common with the anti-Dukakis Willie Horton ad campaign in '88, which was carried out by a pro-Bush “independent” group with (apparently) no formal ties to the Bush campaign. Ditto the anti-Kerry Swift Boat ads last year.

Seems to me that the Bushes have a pattern of letting “unaffiliated” groups do their dirty work, while apparently keeping their hands clean. Just one more reason to loathe 'em.