Rule for zombie ressurection

Ah. I just found the thread in question, which was, in fact, bumped by a newbie. Nevermind.

Nope. Disagree. I’ve had several ancient threads that were resurrected by people who came across them who had actual knowledge of what I had written, and registered just to supply it without sticking around.

I like the new zombie policy. There are thousands of interesting threads I missed the first time around.

That IS a helpful response! Thank you.

Better solution, with a question-Is there a way in the software to make time-stamps more visible/conspicuous?

I need a rule for MEEEEE!

No you don’t.

Not with the standard software so far as I know.

I suggest a sticky note reminder on your computer monitor.

The policy is “don’t raise a zombie unless you have something new and substantive to add”. Which really does happen: We get threads that sit dormant and unanswered for years, and then some new poster comes in with a single post that provides a definitive answer. Which is a good thing, and should be encouraged.

Now, with that, we also do get the occasional “me too” after half a decade, and those are mildly annoying. But they’re an acceptable price to pay for the real contributions.

Okay, Uncle! I see I’m a small minority. :o

We desperately need a policy for threads about policies for zombie threads.

the thread was unzombied (double unzombied just to make sure, no wait that double kill for zombies, doh) by a new poster with a relevant question and got relevant answers from the OP. seems all is fine in dopeland.

No. I wonder if there is a modification for your brain, that would either draw your eyes to dates on a screen, or not go berserk over seeing old dates on a screen.

O, and a third possible modification, to make you completely blind to dates on a screen. If you didn’t notice who old any posts are, you would probably be much happier here.

Honest question: Why is that a problem? Are you somehow embarrassed that you were “tricked” into replying to a post who’s start date you didn’t notice was long past its expiration date? If you feel people are standing around pointing fingers and laughing at you, I’d suggest that worrying about posting in zombie threads shouldn’t be your top concern.

Zombie threads are what sometimes draw people here down the rabbit hole (from another source.)
One of the best threads I’ve read was a zombie thread. I even printed it off.
If you have something pertinent to say it doesn’t matter if the subject is “old.” Don’t you know that the Internet enables you to talk to the dead?

I propose this rule:

If someone’s first post is to resurrect a thread more than 1 year old, we change their title from Guest to Necromancer.

I thought you were being clever, and were referring to this thread since the subject comes up every month.

Clever? Me? Nah.

I make extensive use of Internote add-on for Firefox. There are probably similar add-ons for other browsers.

And cute too! Especially in those boots. :wink:

The current Rule (well, Guideline):

Basically, we do NOT want to discourage zombie threads in the informational forums (Comments on Cecil’s Columns, General Questions, etc). As Chronos mentions above, if there’s new information, we’d like it to be there.

In the other forums, it’s really up to mods on a case-by-case basis. Sometimes, a discussion is interesting enough to re-open, even several years later. So, whenever resurrected threads are discussed, we conclude that the inconveniences of individuals occasionally not noticing the date/time on an old thread is less of a nuisance than the major discomforts of outlawing zombies.

Sometimes, of course, the resurrection is just picking at an old scab and has no raisins d’etre. :slight_smile: And we consider that resurrecting an old thread just to add a meaningless comment (like “I agree”) is poor manners, but not what you’d call an actionable rules violation.