Rumsfeld should go now followed by GW next fall.

This one?
The General’s War

Ayup! It’s an interview about the article but it’s pretty good.

There’s a new article by Seymour Hersh in The New Yorker that claims a “Rumsfeld policy allowed jail abuse” (CNN).

Also, there’s a pit thread on the subject.

Speaking of the New Yorker:

It appears that Rumsfeld directly authorized the abuses and lied to congress about it. I know that’s not as bad as a blow job, but is there any way that Bush can now keep Rummy around?

D’oh. Scooped by leander. I really neeed to try that “preview” thingamabob.

This is only meaningful if the new Iraaqi government is not installed by the US.

The Times story I linked also said that Powell didn’t expect any new Iraq government to make such a request. One installed by the US certainly wouldn’t because the presence of US forces would be the only thing keeping such a government in power. However, the important thing is that the US is on record as saying that we wouls withdraw at the request of the Iraqis.

The point of my post was that members of the administration have “flip-flopped,” to use their favorite descriptive, because the party line was that we would decide when it was time for us to go, and that to me is an improvement. You know an “If you are in a hole, stop digging” sort of thing. One thing that really pisses me off about GW is that he gets a grandious and unrealistic scheme, like bringing democracy to Iraq, and since he is the President that immediately involves the US and all its citizens and then he insists that he will stay the course even if it leads over a cliff. I’m glad to see any hint of flexibility because, after all, he will be President until the coming 20th of January which is plenty of time for things to get worse given a bullheaded approach.