Russia invades Ukraine {2022-02-24} (Part 1)

This is classic psyops. A similar thing would be to exchange only soldiers from around Moscow. “LOOK, the leaders are ensuring that THEIR sons come home safely.”

Or, maybe exchange only soldiers who are NOT from around Moscow. “LOOK, the leaders are keeping THEIR sons away from the war - OURS are brought here to go back into battle.”

Well, they are on the way to training, those who can stand.

Maybe they should have fled as well. The ones from Vladivostok might even be better off fleeing to the nearest foreign country, even if that happens to be North Korea :rofl:

Ooooh- snap! :+1:

I’m hearing Lyman is almost encircled. ISW doesn’t put it that strongly. It does confirm some things in this YouTube report.
ISW Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, September 22 | Institute for the Study of War

This channel is extremely pro Ukrainian. I’m not entirely confident with things he says unless it confirmed elsewhere

If you have a hack that exposes data the other side is using to target you, your first goal is to use the data to your advantage. You don’t go public with it to get ‘credit’, any more than American code breakers would have leaked that they had cracked Enigma just to prevent someone else from getting credit for it.

Knowing that the enemy has located some of your equipment is much more useful if they don’t know you know. The minute they discover the hack they will use a different communication method and you lose the ability to know when they have found your weapons.

Americans cracked Enigma? Surely it was the Polish and the British! The Allies.

If anything NATO should make that information publicly available w/ delay (I am sure the Russians high command would also be happy to learn where their stuff is currently :wink: )

… maybe we could implement a subscription service for the russian side:

  • daily information with 1 hr. delay $10.000.000,- p/day (way cheaper than losing a SAM)
  • daily information with 30min. delay $20.000.000,- p/d
  • daily information with 1min. delay $50.000.000,- p/d

(only russian war assets shown)

… weekly and monthly discounts available, just ask at NATOs front-desk. Direct bank transfer to the “NATO eastern-expansion-fund” only. Cancel anytime (e.g. no more SAMs left, or the war ended)

That’s exactly what we WANT you to think!

:slight_smile: (in case it wasn’t obvious)

That’s less than $20K US.

The US helped in its usual way: Industrialization. In late 1942 there were 30 Bombes in Bletchley park. Traffic was starting to back up so the USN let out a contract to NCR. Some tweaks were made to make manufacturing easier and to speed up the rotors and six months later 20 US-made Bombes were delivered. Then 2 a week until 121 had been built and delivered.

Time for Enigma conversation to end or move to a new thread.

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Whatever you do, there are two ways to do it:

  1. the smart way

  2. the Russian way

what could possibly go wrong?

The west is throwing sanctions at us? … HA!!! … Hold my vodka and watch this!!!

And if they’re depopulating the Siberian Far East, Xi Jinping’s attitude toward the enterprise might warm up a bit.

I haven’t quite unlocked “power level:Russian” in my binge drinking achievements, but if I were about to be sent to a meaningless war where I would quite likely die, I too would want to engage in one last bender in a relatively safe place before I needed to stay frosty with danger literally in all directions.

I worry that the “inductions” as it were are really just pre-textual. Like an extrajudicial execution with extra steps. I don’t mean “step 1 induct into service, step 2 send to war zone, step 3 wait for them to get killed.” I mean “step 1 induct into service, step 2 send towards war zone, step 3 tell everyone to get off the bus, step 4 distribute shovels, step 5 tell everyone to start digging a ditch in the forest (or defensive trench, whatever), step 6 shoot every last one of them.” Burial optional, blaming the Ukrainians optional, calling them deserters—whereabouts unknown—probably cheapest.

I hope I’m wrong, but I fear what new atrocities will be uncovered even as the war is (eventually) over.

I suspect this might be real with Chechen and Wagner, units. But not so sure if they would do it to Russian regular force members. Maybe only their own. They are very zealous, hardcore. It may also be true of Ukraine Kraken unit. Also very hardcore.

There may be some political, friendly country aspect to it as well. Turkey and Saudi Arabia are being pretty nice with Russia to a point. So going along with their prisoner exchange scheme will give them a boost in world opinion in all this. Russia lets them score some points on the world stage, with little real negative effect.
There is some negative effect for sure with some Russians. But will likely be an overall plus in several aspects.

I am curious. Given both sides great impetus to BS massively on casualty rates. Where are folks getting any numbers that they feel are real? I may believe some details of events on the battle field after some time of the BS being filtered. But casualty figures, I have little faith in from either side. Also. Russia can play the figures a lot, by only including Russian regular forces, not all the Donbas militia forces casualties.