Russia invades Ukraine {2022-02-24}

Yesterday’s Institute for the Study of War campaign assessment commented on reports that Valery Gerasimov, the highest-ranking officer of the Russian Armed Forces, is “in theater” and personally commanding operations.

From today, this would be interesting, if true:

Not if the PR is aimed at Americans. Taxes and government expenditures trump everything. Calling it a loan is the only way to get it past the budget hounds.

Excellent! We know how well that tactic worked for Hitler.

Especially the part where he ordered Steiner to counterattack :rofl:

Excellent, usually spooks like ex-KGB don’t make good commanders; it’s not like Putin ever drove tanks or fired arty.

Technically this could be considered the second invasion. Remember in 2014 the world stood by and let Putin annex Crimea.

Can the U.N. intervene, even if for a purely humanitarian op, if certain parties in the Security Council veto intervention?

I don’t know the run rules for authorizing an intervention like that article describes.

Reports coming in about a shootout between Russian forces in Kiselivka, in the Kherson region.

50 Buryats started shooting against 50 Chechens after the Chechens stole goods that the Buryats had looted from Ukrainian homes.

Killed & injured on both sides before FSB intervened.

Small victory? Too bad it doesn’t happen more often. That would help the war effort.

I see now on the the end of that tweet that 2 Russian helicopters collided because of a drunk pilot. Can’t see it on a news source yet.

Hoping for a massive missile strike on Red Square on 5/9 as the procession of vehicles goes down the Square…

I’m more hoping that some of the people in the parade remember the assassination of Anwar Sadat during similar circumstances.

“We have serious losses but the Russians’ losses are much, much bigger… They have colossal losses,” Ukrainian presidential adviser Oleksiy Arestovych said, according to Reuters.

maneuver defense? I guess using tanks and infantry?

Institute for War Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, April 29 | Institute for the Study of War

I’m guessing Putin has body doubles for that.

Í bet a lot of planning is going on for the rapid reconstruction of Ukraine and her armed forces. Once we can send back in trainers, once the Russians take off the pressure, almost anything is possible.

I hear tell NATO is going to trade in whatever artillery they have left for Western calibers.

His identity has now been revealed as Major Stepan Tarabalka, 29, killed on March 13 when “overwhelming” Russian forces shot down the MiG-29 he was flying, The Times said…

His father told NPR that they were not told the details of their son’s final flight, only that he did not return after completing a mission.

Wasn’t this a hoax entirely created by an online streamer?