Russia invades Ukraine {2022-02-24}

No doubt. But I know nothing about quadcopters or how to modify them with a ‘bomb bay’ Of course the simple tub-and-grenade weapon would work on either as long as weight-and-balance is figured out on the design.

I’ve been watching the equipment lists for any Q-UGVs. They can carry supplies on the battlefield.

They are also useful for patroling perimeters. Sensors detect movements.

I’m not sure if the electronics is old enough to use on the battlefield. I think Russia and China have already copied the design? I think they have something similar.

The US is sending a robot dog to Ukraine.

This is what a robot dog army would look like.

Good boy Spot. Shoot that Russian in the ass. :wink:

I thought EOD used smaller and cheaper robots? Spot is pretty expensive to risk on bombs and mines. But he’ll get the job done.
EOD police robot

Those things freak me out for some reason, way out of proportion to what harm they could do. Just watching them all doing the same thing in unison is too weird. Send a pack of them towards me and I’d probably run all the way back to Moscow.

‘And I’m not even from Moscow!’

I dunno, they may not be a menace.

They could just be cheerleading.

This is worse than It’s a small world.

Latest US aid package - 23 June - $450 million.

  • Four High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems
  • 36,000 rounds of 105mm ammunition
  • 18 tactical vehicles to tow 155mm artillery
  • 1,200 grenade launchers
  • 2,000 machine guns
  • 18 coastal and riverine patrol boats
  • Spare parts and other equipment

This is the second batch of 4 HIMARS. Ammunition is the Guided missile round - high precision/43 mile range.
UK and Germany are sending total of 6 M270 MLRS launchers. Same missiles/rockets as HIMARS but with 2 pods of 6 rockets on the M270 vs. 1 pod of 6 on the HIMARS.
The 105mm ammo matches up with howitzers from UK.

This got Putin’s :goat: :slightly_smiling_face:

Not a good Day for Putin

Slava Ukraian Goats.

Even Ukrainian livestock are hauling around some massive brass spheres.

Geez. An authentic missile own goal.

That salvo fire and the large burst made me think thatay have been a rocket artillery battery that just counter-batteried itself. But probably not, since artillery rockets probably lack the maneuverability to 180.

Any chance this is just a delightful fake?

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Ukraine is pulling out of Severodonestk (unless it’s another feint).

I’ve seen another view. It doesn’t double back and hit itself - it just looks like that from that angle. Still, it was a misfire, as it did not go where it was intended to, and there were reported casualties.

Very informative video about artillery operations. Ryan is retired infantry. The video is collaboration with Ryan and a former artillery officer, Captain.
I understand now why the Ukrainian crews needed training in Germany.

He even explains at the end how crews load and fire the M777 howitzer.

Ukrainian Minister of Defence:

HIMARS in action:

HIMARS accuracy compared with Soviet Grad:

The retired general approves:

The spirit that animated early-WW2 American torpedoes still haunts militaries to this day…

It’s interesting that Ukraine’s accuracy is improving dramatically with HIMERS. Meanwhile, Russia’s artillery has been firing for over 120 days. The rifling in their artillery barrels has to be wearing out.

Short 50 sec video explains the problem. Ryan is basing his comments on US Army standards. Russia can direct increasingly inaccurate fire with worn out barrels and still kill a lot of civilians. The barrels will eventually burn out and Russia will have to combat reset.

Ship-sized artillery, 152mm (6-in) and up have replaceable liners. Is this true for land-based artillery as well?