Russia secretly offered bounties to kill US Soldiers

There was one quoted in the Times today who said he was upset about it, but he had always been a Republican and would still vote for Trump.

My take on this is that Trump was briefed but wasn’t listening. I can imagine a cartoon showing an intelligence officer telling him about it while above his head is a cloud showing him thinking what a great president he has been.

President Donald Trump’s resistance to intelligence warnings about Russia led his national security team, including those who delivered the President’s Daily Brief to brief him verbally less often on Russia-related threats to the US, multiple former Trump administration officials who briefed Trump, were present for briefings and who prepared documents for his intelligence briefings tell CNN.

Early in his term, Trump’s briefers discovered that when his oral briefing included intelligence related to Russia’s malign activities against the United States, including evidence of its interference in US politics, Trump would often blow up at them, demanding to know why they kept focusing on Russia and often questioning the intelligence itself, multiple former administration officials said.

“The President has created an environment that dissuades, if not prohibits, the mentioning of any intelligence that isn’t favorable to Russia,” a former senior member of Trump’s national security staff told me.

What a surprise.

Pretty accurate-sounding.

It’s meaningless to him. Donald can’t understand why anyone would care that his idol Putin paid money to those who’d kill American service members. It’s a complete mystery to him why this is a big deal.

But his GOP enablers know. And each of them, when they come up for re-election, must have their feet held to the fire over this.

I have absolutely no problem believing that this is the actual truth. With the exception that “everything” should be replaced with “anything”.

The first reply to that tweet is pure gold:

Scroll down that tweet thread a ways, and there’s a new gem of a video that Lincoln Project recently put out. Parody of a Russian propaganda video exclaiming how grand and wise Comrade Putin is to be Trump’s greatest endorser! All in Russian with English sub-titles. Here it is on YouTube: Fellow Traveler.

Senegoid sez Check It Out!

Reminds me of a cartoon I recall from the 80s. Showed a young Reagan gleefully riding a bike w/ his hands off the handlebars, captioned something like “A young Reagan practicing his hands-off approach.” :smiley:

The questions we should be asking about the Russian bounties on US troops

It no longer matters when Trump was told about this. Now that he knows, he must make clear that this behavior will not stand. America, and the world, is watching to see whether he will.


Zero. Despite what appears to be mounting evidence that this really did occur, he’s going to keep going with “it’s a hoax, Russia says it didn’t happen.”

Funny, that’s exactly what I would have guessed.

:church lady voice:


The Republicans had set up a system to steal the election for somebody like Jeb Bush and Donald Trump hijacked it for himself.

It’s a common blindspot for crooked types. They always think about who they’re conning and they never think about the possibility that they will be the victim of a con.

That works too perfectly well. Eeeuuggghhh.

Yes, the Republicans and voter suppression is a thing, but let’s not ignore that a lot of people in our democracy are dangerously uninformed and that there are consequences for that, which are evident beyond democratic participation. Our collective response to COVID, for instance - not just the leadership’s but that of the citizenry - has been a disaster. We’re a society that thinks in terms of rights but, on a wider scale, we do not seem to understand basic civic responsibilities, and this is evident by both our democratic participation and response to pandemics. Electing Biden probably won’t change that either. There are deep systemic problems that are exerting intense pressures on our identity as a democratic republic.


Trump is focused on starting a race war, and showing support for statues of dead traitors.

Dead traitor statues are more important to him than live Americans.

I’m surprised he doesn’t prefer traitors who don’t die.

He’s probably not aware they are dead.

“Not many people know that Robert Lee is actually dead. Nobody knew that!”

I think Biden will help because maybe maybe we start to acknowledge these problems. The GOP and especially Trump operate a gaslighting playbook that these things are not even problems. Which makes it easy: If the pandemic is a hoax, why address it? If climate change is a conspiracy, why address it? If racism was cured because we had a black president, it must be over!

He may not come up with the most robust solutions and maybe won’t do enough. But he’ll get the ball rolling which is considerably better than the ball rolling in the wrong direction entirely.

He will absolutely help - no doubt about that, and sorry if I wasn’t clear. No, Biden is a necessary first step, absolutely.

I’m just reminded of how in 2008, when we were dealing with the financial crisis, the failures of Hurricane Katrina and the two foreign wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Obama presidency represented an opportunity to be a turning point, and yet at the end of that 8-year period, we ended up with not much to show for it other than gridlock and increasing polarization and distrust of institutions and each other. I blame Americans collectively, not so much Obama.

We’re here again at an even more important turning point, in a situation that’s even more dire than in 2008 and the stakes going to be even higher. It’ll be important to understand that if Biden wins, it’ll be only the start of a long process of rebuilding.