Sale on Magic Wands! (AP story)

Here’s a puzzle. Fill in the blanks:

“A ____ and her _____ are soon ______ .”

Everyone get the answer? Of course you did! But I’ll bet the wand-buying lady couldn’t.


This part kills me. Can you imagine the cop having to take this call? I would’ve told her it was a matter for the Better Business Bureau, heh.

This is all just a scheme by skeptics to give hard working psychics a bad name, right lekatt?

(See this thread)

So… None of you believe in magic wands?



Asking a question is reportable!?

Any of you ‘skeptics’ ever heard of the Placebo Effect?

Is the image naughty? Why report the thread? Just because it’s old?

Ohhh, I thought I was the one being reported…

Eh, the Elder Wand is just a fable. There are no “Deathly Hallows”, Harry.

The one I bought was made from a meteorite.

While I don’t believe it is going to turn anyone into a toad, I think it is short sighted to say one should doubt what no one is sure about.

You bumped a 16 year old thread to add nothing. That’s why it got reported.

I think they cut more slack for zombies in MPSIMS than they do in forums like GQ and GD.


Wait, so a question and a link isn’t “adding” anything??

It’s one of those things you only know about if you’ve been here a while. Generally, nobody here likes when threads more than a year old get bumped. Better to start a new thread.

Honestly, I didn’t look at the age of the thread. I found it with a google search.It seemed terribly closed minded to dismiss the whole notion of magic wands because someone made a dumb purchase.

My wand cost less than $100, and given it was made from a fallen star, I believe I got a good deal.

The Placebo Effect is real. Believing a sugar pill can cure you works, for some. Why is believing in magic wands any different?

Like I said I don’t believe my wand can turn someone into a toad, but it might well help me direct healing energies that promote cellular regeneration, for the believer.

So if I believe it’ll fixed the cracked screen on my phone? Good to know.

No, not exactly.

Does your phone believe it, is the question.

I’m only here 'cause I thought **Eve **was back.:frowning: