Sam Stone's tragic gullibility re: Trump's tweets

No, it’s when you argue with extreme gullibility that people question whether you are actually that stupid or if you are arguing in bad faith.

The creation of this thread was based on your insistence that Trump wouldn’t lie. You don’t think that you should get a bit of flak for that?

The reason that this thread has gone on as long as it has is because you refused to accept that you were wrong, and just kept doubling down.

No, that’s not what happened at all. If you want to respond to the criticism that you misrepresent what others have said, then doing so by misrepresenting what others have said isn’t as convincing as you think it is.

Anyone who makes as specious arguments as you do gets called out. The only reason that the Canada thing comes up is because the Canadians on the board disown you, and the Americans think better of Canadians.

It’s not that you are a right leaning Canadian. It’s that you are Canadian and tend to lecture us on how Americans, specifically those on the left and minorities, think and you are always comically wrong.

Last summer you wouldn’t shut up about how identity politics was going to push black voters into the arms of Trump and such. I’m not sure I followed the argument completely because it didn’t even resemble anything that might make sense.

You’d then cherry pick (obviously bullshit) data that supported this view.

Tragic gullibility indeed.

At one point you were considered a serious conservative poster on this board. Now you’re a fucking joke.

To be fair Trump did make some gains with black voters. So the trend lines were loosely correct just not anywhere near that claimed magnitude - Trump got somewhere in the neighborhood of 8-12% of the Black vote. Which is why it is silly to cherry-pick individual polls (especially those with a known pronounced lean like Rasmussen) and better to stick with aggregators.


You are lying right now. I never said that. I said that Trump lies all the time, but in that specific case it seemed to me that he must have known he coildn’t get away with lying, so I thought maybe he was telling the truth.

I still get accused of being a ‘Trumpist’ on this board, but I don’t think I’ve ever said a nice thing about the idiot. Associating someone with Trump is just a cheap,way to smear them.


I think that’s the smartest thing I’ve ever seen you utter on this hoard.

You know this still makes you an idiot, right?

Disproven by your previous paragraph. Congratulations.

Sayjng that I didn’t think Trump would lie in one specific case because it would be trivially easy to disprove the lie is ‘saying something nice’ about him? What actually happened is that my already extremely low opinion of him was tempered by my belief that in that situatiin he was cornered and wouldn’t get away with a lie.

If I said I didn’t think the bank robber would shoot someone because if he did he’d immediately get shot by the cops, would I be saying something nice about the bank robber?

If you are going to join a thread to attack a fellow doper, do me a favor and engage your brain first. Otherwise it just gets tedious,

If the general consensus was that the robber was too egotistical to make such an evaluation, yes.

Sure, you go first.

Sam on the walkaway movement…

Interesting. Who is he talking about?

That whole list is bonkers, but I’ll focus on Jordan Peterson.

Jordan Peterson? Canadian, conservative, transphobic Jordan Peterson? That’s who the Dems have to worry about walking away?

Pull the other one, it’s got bells on it.

Really Sam, that you can say now that you had an extremely low opinion of Trump before does not take away how gullible you were here and on many other issues. Issues that for all we know you are still not realizing that all those hooks with bait are still dangling from your mouth.

Instead of dealing with the ones that baited you (by dumping them, getting better sources or feeds, etc), you are still insisting that others (not all of them leftists BTW) are the ones doing you harm.

Jesus, all you’re missing is “Argle bargle hive mind” followed by “stop being a potty mouth”.

Then you’ll have completed the full metamorphosis into a cephalopod.

Oh, he’s already there…or something like it.

No, it’s saying something stupid about you.

Well, my apologies and I withdraw my stupid post and, in my defense, I am having an all-star bad day.

However, I still remain uninterested in a non-citizen with an outdated conservative viewpoint offering outdated conservative solutions to problems caused by outdated conservative policies being implemented since 1981.

The solution to Reaganomics? More Reaganomics! :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:





It’s nice to see data backing up my innate disdain for that fucking Reagan. The computerization of the country had oodles more to do with the overall improvement of the economy than his ridiculous tax cuts.

My you are stupid. I didn’t say that you said that Trump never lied, I was speaking in the context of this thread and the reason for the creation of this thread, where you said that Trump wouldn’t lie. Anyone who is capable of the most basic of reading comprehension, or is not motivated to misrepresent what others had said, would understand that context that my statement was directed at this specific case. Are you actually stupid enough to not understand that, or is this just another case of you willfully misrepresenting others?

You didn’t think that maybe he was telling the truth, you were adamant that he was telling the truth. You rejected numerous cites of other times that he lied about things that he “couldn’t get away with”, and continued to claim that he was not lying in this case.

When you are the one who is carrying water for him, when you, through no prompting from anyone on this board choose to white knight for him, then that association was chosen by you. You have no one to blame but yourself for that.

I don’t think that Sam Stone carries water for Trump. I think it’s simply down to his core contempt of the left in general. He just can’t help himself if he thinks he can construct an argument in which the left is seen, in his opinion, as being worse than something Trumpian.