Santa hates us all: December mini-rants

How about… “Tannenbaums Away”?

Boy, I have a half dozen neighbors I could call on in a situation like that. Move to my street!

I have a friend who canNOT leave home for a whole morning or afternoon because “Who’ll walk the dog?” I asked if a neighbor could be on call… “and you can repay the favor sometimes.”

His reply? “I’ve never even said hello to any of my neighbors.”

(and his street is small family homes with small yards, so he’s within shouting distance of about thirty people, as are we)


Seriously, I’m a little afraid of the thing now. I’m flinching every time I hear a sound that might possibly be the beginnings of another tipover. :confused:

I have several neighbours who are very kind and have helped me out in various ways. But the reality is that I don’t really socialize with them much, so I would feel it an imposition to knock on their door and ask for handyman-type help. My close friends are not exactly in the prime of high-energy life, either, and come over to have a good time, not to be conscripted into manual labour. And so it goes …

My grandfather mounted our tree stand to a sheet of plywood to keep the tree from tipping over on our carpet. Sure it was ugly, but it worked, and that’s what tree skirts are for.

You mentioned a son: is he in driving distance? Healthy and reasonably ept? Possibly looking for a suggestion for what to give dead old Dad for Christmas because, man, the guy either already has it or doesn’t want it?

Then you could get something you absolutely would appreciate instead of some ugly sweater or whatever he tends to fall back on, plus you could use what you’d have had to pay the handyman to beef up his gift.

Hey, you went to the trouble of raising him. NOW is your time to benefit. :slight_smile:

Oh, that’s an excellent suggestion! I’ll give it a try tonight!

Another excellent idea! Except we are petless nowadays. Maybe I should adopt one just for that reason, except nowadays we fear that pets might outlive us, or at least our ability to live independently.

Well, what’s a good tree without… good potting soil…?

( … or soil sold like Pot even…? )

Not being sure how it works up north, but out this way, we are encouraged to call the non-emergancy number for our local fire department if we need help with smoke detectors.

My pill taking strategy is to have an alarm on my phone. And a rule that I can’t turn it off until I’ve already taken the damn pills.

I also have the strategy of having someone else living with me who will tell me to take the damn pills.

Boy, you’re really jumping the gun here, aren’t you? (bolding mine)

I remember my dad doing this too (mainly because the floor was uneven in that room). I’m guessing that’s why those traditional red and green metal stands have a hole punched in each foot.


The way the tinsel was wrapped around the branches (yes, Mom still uses tinsel), you would think the tree was doing that on the way down.

That makes sense. It worked well for us. Our tree never fell over, even though the kittens tried to climb it.

Whoops! Awful typo, sorry Wolfpup!

I figured with your avatar it’s an understandable Freudian slip.

I had managed to score two bottles of the hard-to-find Old Bay brand hot sauce. I was bringing it along with my jambalaya to my friends thanksgiving dinner. I dropped the bottle on the stone patio in front of their place and broke the almost-full bottle to pieces all over the ground and got two huge splashes on my favorite pair of jeans. PISSED OFF.

If it makes you feel any better, I believe our local prices (UK, we sell per litre, obviously in another currency, so I may have mucked this up) translate as well over $7 a gallon at the moment.

Prices on other stuff are also definitely higher than I’ve ever seen before too…

From what I can see on Google, it currently averages under $3.50 per gallon in most of the US, but that may not be up to date.

Here in Ontario, local discount places are around $1.29 per liter, which is equal to about $3.80 USD per US gallon. It’s surprising it’s that close, actually, because in general gasoline taxes are much higher here; the price at the pump includes 10¢ per liter in federal excise tax, 8.8¢ in escalating federal carbon tax, about 14¢ in Ontario gasoline tax, plus about 16¢ in HST.

@Filbert, gas prices in the UK and continental Europe have always been much higher than here, I believe largely because of taxes.