Santa legend (building toys)

I really can’t remember as far back as to when I believed in Santa Clause. But for those of you who do did you really buy the notion that the toys were made at the North Pole?
Or did you assume Santa had some sort of trade deal with the toy companies and was supplied by them?

Never gave it much thought, really. I suppose if you had asked me this when I was 4, I would have told you that Santa and his elves made some of the presents, like the wooden puzzle I had that spelled my name, and that he just somehow got the ones from Fisher-Price and Lego. If you really pushed, I might have decided that they toy companies gave Santa the presents to give to us kids.

But it never came up, that I remember. Of all the logistical and theological questions my son asked as he was figuring the whole thing out, that wasn’t one of them, either.

Might have been OK in the early days, but the trademarks were hard to hide on the plastic shit a 70s kid wanted - especially if it was stuff said kid had “asked” Santa to bring.

My mum told me Santa’s elves made stuff, but “there were a lot of kids these days, and sometimes Santa had to buy stuff from the toy companies.”

I guess now, you’d call it “outsourcing”. Santa (or my mum) was ahead of his time!

In any event, I gladly swallowed the story.

I believed Santa Claus made his own toys, but he happened to keep an inventory idental to the offerings of the Sears and Roebuck Wish Book, down to using the same catalog numbers. Also, I believed the word “gullible” wasn’t in the dictionary.

It was easier to believe that Santa and the elves made their own toys when I was child. The toys I had did not have trademarks embossed or printed on them. Moreover, they were so much simpler.

I don’t remember having to think about it as a child. Last week, however, Fang went into the garage to get something out of the car. I had the trunk open, and he saw a Fisher-Price Pirate Ship in the trunk. (I left the trunk open while I was taking things upstairs. I should have known better, but he was playing quite nicely in his playroom.) He started asking if he could have the ship. I had to think fast, and told him that Santa asked his Mama and me to hold this present for a little while. He asked if it was a present for him, and I told him I didn’t know, Santa just want us to hold it until he could come bring it up to the North Pole.

He bought it… I think.

I believe Santa’s toys are manufactured under license. What I want to know is: WTF is Santa doing using lead paint?!?!? You’d think he, of all people, would know better!

Hey now! Those toys are still out there, Santa just has to look a little harder to find them. :stuck_out_tongue:

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