Saving the USS Olympia

Some updates:

Hope you’ll consider donating - I’ve already done so.

Doubling for the Graf Spee in the film The Battle of the River Plate doesn’t count? :wink:

Bumped with an update from Naval History magazine - some good news on saving the Olympia:

For some reason, these really old museum ships seem to have a seriously uphill fight just getting the money they need to stay in decent repair.

The USS Texas (BB-35), which is of similar historical relevancy to the Olympia (only Dreadnought-era battleship still surviving, served in WWI and WWII, including D-Day and Okinawa) is suffering from similar hull-related issues as well as similar lack of funding.

The USS Intrepid does well but then its in NYC on the Hudson. Prime location. I fearful for the long term prospects of the USS New Jersey, stuck in Camden with poor attendance is not a good recipe. It really should have gone to Bayonne, NJ.

Not very important, perhaps, but I do feel a rather tenuous connection to the Olympia.

I have a very close friend, (ex WWII Navy) now 92 years old. His father was a sailor on the Olympia during WWI.

Bumped, with an update for the ship’s 125th birthday (picture at the top, short article about halfway down):