Say hi to KKBattousai!

He’s another pal from Hawaii, and he lives in LA now. He’s really smart and cool. Say hi!

Wow, the Hawaiian recuiting machine strikes again!

Hi! :slight_smile:

winks at kk hi baby!

Hello KKB, and good day to you sir! Welcome to the SDMB, and make sure to play safe.

Thanks for saying hello, guys!

rob: Play safe? AudreyK (or AK, when she’s going by her “street” name) promised me I wouldn’t have to… :frowning:

enilorac: Hey, baby, how you doin’?

Myrr: Oh, she’s known as a recruiting machine, here, huh?

And, of course, Audrey: Thanks for the warm welcome. (Made all the warmer, I suppose, 'cause my first post was in the BBQ Pit?)

Now, Audrey, you know with male dopers, we need to know a couple of things

Is he single?
Is he cute?
Is he straight?

Hej KKBattousai!

I’m kind of new myself, but anyway,
welcome abourd and have fun.:slight_smile:

Well, I’ll let Audrey spread whatever lies she wants, but you should know that any time you’re dealing witha a member of the opposite sex, you’re only going to get two out of three… :slight_smile:

KKB, silent_rob was warning you. However, you just HAD to break your SDMB posting virginity in the Pit. You’ve got balls.

Oh, and you’re pretty brave, too. :smiley:

Tsk tsk. Flirting in MPSIMS already. Man, you learn fast!

Recruiting machine indeed… part of my diabolical plan to take over the boards! BUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! ::cough choke sputter:: Curse that evil laugh. I’m out of practice.
and Zyada,

Single? Yes.
Cute? According to the stack of Hamiltons and Jacksons he just slipped me, EXTREMELY!
Straight? Yes.

Out of practice? You mean you haven’t done * anything * evil for a while? Nothing deserving of an evil laugh? I find that hard to believe :smiley:

Bitched out in the Pit; I suppose that does count, huh? I’m gonna go back and let out a couple good cackles, then! :slight_smile:

That’s it; give em what for!


::evil cackle::


KK’s worried that I’m spreading lies about him, eh? What say we get evil here and make something scandalous up about him? Ideally, something involving his penchant for fresh animals skins. Oops… did I say that out loud?

Fresh animal skins? ** I * heard–even from the other side of the country, that he’s into * rotting * ones…

…the weird sexual things some people do :rolleyes:
Damn I’m evil…

You are evil! I like that in a person! :smiley:

He is soooooo gonna get even…

Well, I’m sure he’d like to put a little evil in you… And, yes, I will get even. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon…



Oh, and as for the animal skins, they start out fresh, end up rotten. Just thought I’d clear that up. :slight_smile: