Say hi to KKBattousai!


Hiya, KKBattousai! I’m Silver_Fire (a.k.a Silver, Fire of the Silver colored variety, Sarah, slvrfire, slvrfire19 on AIM…I guess it just depends. On what? I’m not sure.) Anyway, welcome and enjoy your stay.

slvrfire19 on AIM? Why the 19, may I ask? Personally, I’m Wushumaster19 on AIM, the 19 being a continuation of a tradition dating back seven years (or so) when I got a pager shortly after Joe Montana’s move to Kansas City (and becoming #19). Silver fire, silver fire, why do I think there’s a literary reference I’m supposed to remember?

Anyway, thanks for the welcome, and, yes, let’s pretend that Audrey was only joking about the Hamiltons and Jacksons. :wink:

Of course you’re cute, babe! You know I love ya! ::wink::

Hi KKB, have fun on the board. I’m Tasha, and I’d like to see pix of you [please].

Due to popular demand, I posted pictures of myself at, oh wait, we can’t post links to porn sites, huh? Oh well, I also sent a pic/email to that pesky “The People of Straight Dope” page - it should be added soon. Or not.

(Note: Picture was taken before the reconstructive surgery. The “double eyes” are natural though.)

Did they fix that problem with the third nostril, KK? :smiley:

::ducking & fleeing::

::Composes new post for “Live and videogames thread” - You can shoot arrows at people…::

wohoo!! ::lines up all the people she ever wanted to shoot::