SDMB Fantasy Football DYNASTY League: Year 13

I was lucky enough to see both players in person, with Smith this last season when he broke out as Alabama’s #1 WR. I think Smith has a much higher floor, but Chase has the ceiling.

I see it exactly the same way. I would have taken Chase over Smith, had both dropped to 4. I do think Smith’s ceiling is really high, just not Calvin Johnson high. I would have been happy with either, which is why I was so determined to move up to 1.04.

Look at us being so agreeable.

It’s a new day! Maybe now we can agree that I should be the rightful owner of Dalvin Cook

Ha. It’s funny because I don’t even remember drafting him, which I can pretty much recite the player and my reasoning for every other early round pick. I think when I picked him I was in my money league draft and got too drunk.

Quick question: What are our IR rules this year? I was under the impression we have 2 IR spots for each team, but the settings page lists 6. Are we keeping 6 IR spots this year?

Personally, I think we definitely need more than 2. I think the changes to the NFL’s IR rules (anyone can come off it after a minimum 3 weeks) leads to more players being placed on IR. And another year of Covid, will increase that even further. I think it makes sense to allow teams to have more than just two spots for players placed on the NFL IR list.

And, to be totally upfront, I’ll already have my IR spots filled as soon as the draft ends (Michael Thomas and Irv Smith Jr.), so of course I’d like to have more spots if someone else on my team gets injured once the games start for real.

Last year we added those extra ir slots only for players out due to covid. Only 2 IR slots are general purpose.

We can revisit making more general purpose IR slots for the reasons you mention.

On one hand I like offering some degree of mitigation to owners who got screwed by injuries by letting them use those extra slots. On the other hand, as you said, the nfl in season IR rules are more generous now and I worry that having too many ir slots gets rid of some of the in- season strategy related to roster management. I’d be okay with keeping some covid only ir slots and expanding the general purpose slots to 3.

Our benches are so deep that I don’t think we need to add more IR spots. Two IR spots for key players who have season ending injuries should be adequate. IR spots aren’t supposed to be used to stash marginal players/lottery tickets who pull a hammy. If a guy is on COVID-IR or otherwise on a short-term IR and you don’t want to cut them, you have 15 bench spots you can use. More IR spots makes it too easy to abuse the waiver wire as a blocking strategy or to otherwise sit on prospects for a few weeks here and there. The objective of a Dynasty league is not to NEVER have to cut a player you acquired but haven’t quit on, sometimes you need to make a hard choice and that’s a good thing.

Hey while I’m stewing, where did we land on the extra week, potentially realigining divisions,etc?

From my tally, the slim consensus was to keep the 14 week regular season in this league, with 2 playoffs weeks (like before, no changes). No realignment, keep kickers. And we narrowly decided to remove the draft pick benefit for the consolation league and change it to a FAAB benefit. There was not much strong opinion either way, and not everyone responded with a preference.

So then we’ll be done by week 16, same as ever?
That could be good, I think, since every real team is playing all out for sure in week 16 now, and even less likelihood of players resting.

Exactly, that was a benefit. We also keep the same time frame for all the records we have for the last 12 years, so we can keep an apples to apples comparison. This was important to me so I can grab the all-time scoring mark without an asterisk

Can I then request to be reassigned to my rightful place in the Sunbelt, as a North Carolina resident, instead of being in the really really hard division?

I haven’t looked it up, but I think the Sunbelt has been historically the hardest division. Now that dale has a top team, and there’s a newer Petey around who will actually manage this team, it might be the hardest top to bottom

The geography thing was just an arbitrary idea to create the first divisions, we don’t really have to uphold that part of them. The rivalries that have developed over the years due to stay divisions are more important than the initial reasons for more or less arbitrary groupings.

If two of the newer players wanted to swap divisions that would probably be fine but other than that I think they should remain pretty stable. Or if they’re reorganized them it should be based on some metric like points scored.

Speaking of the consolation bowl prize, we never settled on a purse. I proposed $10 just based on experience with the waiver system over the years. It has nothing going for it intrinsically except being a round number. (Which is not nothing.)

How do we award FAAB budgets? Is it $100 to the league winner, then an extra $2 for every place behind? So second gets $102, third $104, all the way to 12th getting $122? I think I remember this.

If so, I think giving the consolation bowl winner $2 more than last place (ie: $124 total after the prize) might be a good prize purse. That way if there’s a monster breakout player in week 1, where everyone and their brother is bidding max dollars, the consolation bowl winner in theory would have first dibs. That would be the prize for winning the consolation bowl.

This is just spitballing, and I’m way high after a rough day. Whaddya think?

I think giving the winner of the consolation bowl $2 more than last place is a pretty elegant way of solving that, and it does have some importance. I think it would result in the winner of the consolation bowl getting $122 instead of last place (since it is still 11 teams, just swapping one of their places)

Oh, yeah, duh. That would make more sense.

1.01 RNATB - Najee Harris, RB, Pit
1.02 Beef - Kyle Pitts, TE, Atl
1.03 Retro - Ja’Marr Chase, WR, Cin
1.04 Jules - Devonta Smith, WR, Phi
1.05 Hamlet - Javonte Williams, RB, Den
1.06 Gaffer - Trevor Lawrence, QB, Jac
1.07 Overly - Trey Sermon, RB, SF
1.08 Peteys -
1.09 Omni -
1.10 RNATB -
1.11 dale -
1.12 dale -


That’s exactly what IR spots are for with the changes to the IR rules. It’s no longer a spot just for season-ending injuries, it gives NFL teams roster flexibility to keep players despite the fact they get unlucky with injuries.

Which the NFL realized was too punitive, so they changed the rules.

It’s certainly a good thing for teams that dont have deep benches and can pick off players from other teams hit by the injury bug.