SDMB Monthly Photo Competition - rolling discussion thread

Despite looking like it’s about to cave in completely I have seen bales of hay stored in that barn so you are probably correct about the equipment.

24 submissions so far, outstanding!

Going to be difficult to narrow it down to the top three.


ETA: Although there is one that I keep going back to look at - it is near-perfect. :slight_smile:

Thanks! I’m glad you like it! :grinning:

Let’s see. Avatar is yellow. User name references yellow. House is yellow. Come clean - it’s your house, isn’t it?

Pending events of great moment:

World Cup finals
Possible Trump indictment
Last day for SDMB photo submissions (13 Dec)

I was going to post a picture that I took a while back but could not find it on my disorganized, miles deep picture folders. I do have a copy saved on Pinterest but that didn’t seem kosher some how.

OK, I just posted my entry (Winchester Cathedral at dusk). I have no problem with using archive pictures, and I’ll probably do so myself in coming months, but I wanted to start by taking a new photo specifically for the comp. I’m not likely to do better before deadline day - I’ll be interested to see if others have also delayed their entry to see if they can take a decent new photo to use.

FTR - they illuminate it like that - I did nothing!


One of the things that led me to set this up was the fact that I enjoy shooting to a brief, so my plan will generally be to try and take something fresh if I can. That said, I dipped into the archives for this first one.

I’m English, so one of these has slid down the rankings a bit in the last few minutes. :wink:

I don’t see much difference between linking to an image on Google Photos or Imgur, and linking to one on Pinterest, as long as it’s one you took yourself. I’d say go for it.

Or you could re-download it from Pinterest and host it somewhere else if you’d rather.

Done and thanks!

So many great photos, gonna be hard to choose my favorites.

Yep, absolutely. The standard is very high.

Just a reminder that entries close at 12am GMT on 13th December. For reference it’s currently 8.47am GMT on 12th December, so you have about 15 hours to post your pictures if you haven’t already (one per poster please, so if you’ve already posted one you’re good).

Although this advice is a bit self-serving, I think it benefits everyone.

Pictures linked from Google Photos and some other services appear cropped in the post here (in my case rather severely). So I suggest that when looking over the pictures to judge them, people click on each one to make sure they’re seeing the whole picture and to enlarge them as much as possible. This means that if you’re viewing on a mobile device, be sure to turn the device to the orientation that fills the screen.

Yep, there was a brief discussion of that effect earlier, and I was going to mention it when I launched the poll - thanks for the reminder.

I’m not sure if it’s just Google Photos that does this. Mine is hosted on Imgur and it seems fine.

Well, that’s the inaugural SDMB photo competition closed for entries. Thanks everyone, I’m blown away by the standard (and the quantity) of the pictures.

I’ll get the poll up tomorrow, and we can get voting.

“12am GMT on 13th December” is a little ambiguous, because it’s unclear whether it means the very beginning of 13th December, of the very end of 13th December, although the second sentence of your post made it clear you meant the beginning. But in the future it might be better to set the deadline at 11:59pm just to avoid any confusion.

That’s a fair point, but it’s also a moot one. Future deadlines are going to be earlier in the evening (my time) to avoid me having to stay up purely to announce the closure of the competition. I didn’t think that one through properly…

The polls are open! Head over to the competition thread to vote.

Please, please read the note in the post with the poll in it regarding why we have two polls - there’s a limit of 20 entries in a poll, so I had to split them. You still only get three votes, distributed across both polls. Technically, there’s nothing stopping you from voting three times in each poll, but don’t do that - Santa is watching you, and you don’t want to get a lump of coal this Christmas.

Happy voting, and good luck everyone.