Self censoring DVD player, now at Wal-Mart (big surprise - not)

Ummm did you read my earlier post?

The filters are updated weekly for downloads.


sorry, didn’t realise it was cafe society.

let me rephrase

what does it explain?

For us “normal” people, how about someone hacking the censorship list to “invert” it – instead of removing the naughty bits, it removes everything except the naughty bits. Now that’s a DVD player worth having. :cool:

What would come in handy for young children is fucking parents who would do their damn job and parent, rather than requiring some piece of shit technology to “do it for them” :mad:

That’s a rather inane statement. Say you want your children to watch a particular movie that’s got very good content but has a few swear words you don’t want them to hear yet. You use this DVD player and let it filter them out. What’s the problem? Frankly, your anger at the very existence of this device is silly.

The problem with this is that it may become mandatory that all players include this in order to be sold.

It is the same problem I have with the V-chip in TV sets. A few years ago when I was in the market for a new TV, I could not find one without this chip. I have no kids, and I don’t have kids coming to my place, so the V-chip is not something I need. I object to having to pay, whether it is 20 or 200 dollars, for this technology that is useless for me. If people want the option to have it, fine, let them pay for it. But don’t require me to buy it if I don’t want or need it.

I want a DVD player that will add naughty bits to movies.

Huh? You speak as if the two ideas are mutually exclusive. What if, for example, a parent wishes to rent/buy a PG or PG-13 movie…a movie where 90% of the content is not problematic for their kids, and could be enjoyable. (there are plenty of movies that fit that category)

However 10% of the content is swearing or other kinds of material that the parent may not want their kid to see. Until now, the choices are (1) Don’t rent/buy the movie, (2) Don’t watch it with kids in room, (3) fast forward past the objectionable part.

Now they have a 4th option. Choice is a BAD thing?


Of course the article doesn’t say anything about blood and violence. I’d rather have that edited out for my (non existent) kids then a nipple.

Guess I’m just crazy that way.

Or you could have read my post and the link to ClearPlay’s website to find out what the product actually does…gues I’M “just crazy that way”…

(my emphasis)

Technology only works if properly used. People are still bitching about sex and violence on TV, even though every new TV over 13" is required to have a v-chip installed. All those people complaining can’t possibly all have 5-year old or tiny TVs . I can only hope that the people who want these features on their DVD players can figure them out on their own. I also hope they understand that these features will likely not work with a slightly altered, copied DVD or a copy of Blow Me Sandwich, Vol. II.

Y’know, in the days when hearing blue language was not common this would hold water. Now, with people saying f**k quite prolifically, I think that this player bleeping words is pointless and stupid.

But then again, it’s not your kids or your parenting decision.

This reminds me: I wonder how the Religious Right in this country would react if I decided to provide a DVD edition of ‘The Passion of the Christ’ with all of the excessive violence edited out?

Looks like it’s time to unload my stock in Thompson Consumer Electronics.

Well if you were to actually copy and reidistribute a DVD of the Passion (or any other movie) , that would of course be different than what this device does.

There are already such edited versions of movies – the versions shown on airplanes, for instance. I had the misfortune to watch GET SHORTY on a flight, having recently seen the movie, and to watch the con-men shout things like, “Oh, golly!” and “Gosh!” … and, of course, the plane-crash sequence was gone.

Maybe you say f**k around your kids, but I don’t around mine. I don’t swear around my kids, nor do I allow other people who are in my house to swear around my kids. Eventually, they will swear on their own time, but they won’t be doing it in this house. Swearing is a reality, and we all do it at one time or another, but I want them to know there is a time for polite conversation and a time for swearing, and in your home with your family is a time for polite conversation.

“May”…okay, and you MAY turn into a serial killer in a few years so we’d better lock you up now just in case. Let’s try to be realistic. And even if you’re right and this was made mandatory…so the hell WHAT? You don’t HAVE to use it.
This whole thing is a tempest in a teapot.