Self employed, taxes, healthcare and aca question

Interesting. And yours is the sort where you keep the money at the end of the year?

Admittedly, I nearly never make a transaction like that. Our spendier meds are usually mail order, and when we get a local prescription we usually pay with a regular card, because we’re trying to hoard those HSA funds.

I was very puzzled at my ability to purchase something at a regular store - which I didn’t realize until I was checking our accounts later. As noted, it was a shoe store and I’m pretty sure they had nothing HSA-eligible for sale.

(side note: we got a communication the other day saying we’d contributed too much and they were refunding it to us. That’s gonna be a mess. I think they mischaracterized the check i sent, repaying money spent incorrectly on two surgeries and that pair of shoes).

I have a high-deductible PPO and the attached HSA is by HealthScope. My employer contributes a chunk every year and I can opt for payroll deductions for the rest. I have a use it or lose it FSA for childcare (each to meet) and could opt for a similar medical FSA, but I don’t see much advantage for that as I don’t make out the HSA or spend more than it on medical each year.

Maybe in my case it was a CVS-specific thing and not anything inherent in my card?

Shoe stores sell orthopedics, which are deductible if for a specific condition. And maybe they sell compression socks?