Setup toilet to stay empty?

Note to self, never accept a biscuit from @FigNorton.

I must always remember that almost no one saw “The Road to Wellville”.

Wouldn’t you want to include that, because you know… the weird part might be what helps them diagnose the problem?

My dog just drops a duece in the backyard, and I collect it with an XL pooper scooper and bag it for the vet. Just do as the natives do.

Oh God! I literally felt like I was going to pop a stitch when I stifled a laugh after seeing your quote on that picture.

Whoever said laughter is the best medicine was a lying scumbag…

Somebody’s watched *The Road to Wellville” I see. :poop::+1::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Yeah, nothing’s over until the paperwork’s done.

I hope you’re not flushing that plasic wrap. Could cause a blockage in the sewer. Ditto for other suggestions made about placing newspaper or whatever in the toilet. The kits made for collecting stool samples have what is basically tissue paper for this, so it’s meant to be safely flushed.

Nope. Rinsed it in the bowl then threw it in the trash.