Shorts- stuck in the 70's

I wholeheartedly agree. Men’s legs can be damn hot, especially the furry ones.

But long shorts? They’re all about comfort, and with a deeper center seam they’re more comfortable when you’re sitting.

With tight shorts, it’s important that the scrotum be properly placed with regards to the center seam. If the scrotum is bisected by the center seam, the two testicles will be divided in an uncomfortable way. Ideally the scrotum and testicles should be tucked to one side or the other. When I played rugby in high school, the shorts we wore were very short and made of a rather stiff cotton material. The center seam was very thick and if it pushed on the testicles, it was severely distracting. The only solution was to slide the scrotum and testicles off to one side, but this would usually only last a few minutes - soon that rough seam would be right back between the testicles.

Bermuda style shorts are tops for the simple reason they have low pockets, phone goes in one and the reading glasses the other.

I had an ex-boyfriend like that…

Sorry, he didn’t grow up in the 70’s in the US either apparently.

The low pockets are the exact thing I hate about the long shorts. I’ve had to start wearing the long shorts at the gym and now I hate to bring my ipod since it swings wildly down in the bottom of the long pocket. Even my keys can be annoying. I prefer shorts that come midway down the thigh. Enough coverage for all positions and still lets me move freely.

I’ll note, ladies, that runners often wear short shorts. So if you’re a fan of the male leg, just head off to the races.

Yep. I can’t believe the shortness of the shorts I wore when I played rugby. Hey, that was during the 70’s! In those days I got a number of favorable comments about my legs so I’ve never been prone to cover them. The only way to get shorts these days that don’t end around your ankles is to buy athletic shorts.

These days, my kids call any shorts that fall above the knee “booty shorts”. Yes, I wear booty shorts, and my kids tease me about it, and I wear tighty-whiteys too, thank you very much. How else can I keep my massive equipment in control when the legs of my shorts are so … short?

Yeah, but I’m not a big fan of the runner’s leg look. I mean, it’s okay, but not my favorite.

Plus, when I see men in running shorts, I too am wearing running shorts, and everything is white and jiggling and frankly I’d prefer not to see anybody.

WTF is the big deal? Just cut off a pair of jeans at whatever length you like. That’s what we did in the 70’s.

That sounds like Jemaine from the Flight of the Conchords doing the voice over.

I wear short shorts when running but they tend to bunch up between my thighs, I think I need to lose more thigh fat. Most of my other shorts sit just above my knees. I normally feel a bit ridiculous wearing “shorts” below the knee. I also don’t wear boxers, I don’t find them very comfortable.

According to some of the google results, it is.