Should I go to daughter's Shakespeare play? (need answer fast :) )

You better go and you should have a dozen roses sent to the dressing room.

When your daughter was a baby, did you feed her? Did you change her diaper? Or did you only do it when you knew you’d have a great time?

Definitely go.

Pssst, Khadaji, check post #38.

At least you didn’t have to go to a post-production party at Chuck E. Cheese’s.

Dude, you really had to ask? You need to step up your being a Dad game. Being a Dad is one of the two or three most important and rewarding things you will do in your life.

I am glad you went. A personal question if you do not mind, you said “her mother” would go. I take it you are not still together. In that case even more important.

BTW, which play was it what was her part?

From the tone of some of the responses, it looks like people think I have never gone to any performances by my daughter, or I only go to ones that are Carnegie-Hall-level.

In fact, ever since she was a toddler, I’ve been to all sorts of performances, and have enjoyed them.

Funny story: A couple years ago, I was backing up some video camera tapes onto DVDs. They mostly contained footage of my daughter at various events and performances. So, I started playing some of the DVDs, to have a stroll down memory lane.

One of the tapes was a Christmas party at my daughter’s pre-school where all the kids were singing Christmas songs. The kids were way off key, and the whole thing sounded quite chaotic. To me, it was adorable.

My now-teenage daughter was there when I was playing this DVD and she said “Wow, parents sit through a lot of crap for their kids!”. To her, it sounded like unbearable cacophony, but to me, as I mentioned, it was adorable.

He might have the most wonderful, honest relationship in the world with her and the same point would still apply, perhaps even more so. It does not just apply to teenage daughters, either. It applies to any close loved ones.


Glad to hear you bit the bullet and did the right thing, Polerius.

Totally and absaloutley seconded .

So what play did they do?