Should we be told about killer asteroid?

Don’t worry. I’m sure that this administration would tell Billy Graham.

If this is going to happen we need to know now before we waste the Al Samoud missiles which could save the world.

They should tell me, but not anyone else. Others would just panic. :rolleyes:
Then I would spend my last days bringing peace and love to the world.
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And deny teenage boys of their one chance for sex.:smiley:

And wouldn’t :"Have sex with me, we’re all going to die tomorrow " be a good pick-up line

Don’t you think the Navy would give a shot to stocking some subs with food and staying down till it runs out? They’ve got all the air and power they need.

Of course I would not want to close the hatch without a female on board… somebody named Eve?

Not much astronomical opinion changing hands in this thread, so lets look at the Neo detection program a nd what it can do-
they have detected more than 650 large objects in near orbits, none of which pose any threat to the Earth…
there is however one will have a 1 in 300 chance of hitting the Earth in 2880
by having a long period of warning, the various low energy strategies for diverting these objects away from the earth can be brought into play.

We won’t get two weeks warning of an unavoidable disaster, because that type of disaster is very unlikely…
but we will get two hundred years warning of a remotely possible disaster.

I find it encouraging that there are so many Near Earth Objects, as these objects are lumps of real estate and solid resource in the sky that do not have to be lugged into orbit.

Mining /development rights to each object should be sold or allocated to a developer ho would be able to exploit it, and also be responsible for diverting it from hitting the Earth if necessary…

Infinity’s not enough! :wink: (I.e., you’re defective…)

Actually, the scariest incident happened earlier last year when an asteroid passed within the orbit of the moon, but was not seen by ANYBODY because it came from the direction of the sun (therefore reflecting very little or no sunlight and not visible in binoculars or telescopes) and was not discovered(6/17/03) until 3 days AFTER it made it’s close fly-by(6/14/02) of the earth.[COLOR=blue]:eek:

Yeah… If the end was nigh, there are some things I would like to do in the time remaining.

No, the public should not be told because society as we know it would collapse entirely. If people realised that there would be no consequences to their actions, that no matter what they did, it wouldn’t matter because everyone was about to die - there would be total anarchy.

Yeah, but the most likely scenario would be-
a very small asteroid is detected coming toward the earth- calculations show it has a 1 in 20 chance of hitting the earth, and a 1 in five chance of damaging a populated area…

chaos ensues…
rioting, religious mania…
you tell your boss to take a hike…
drunkeness, debauchery…
the asteroid misses…
red faces all round.

That is the assumption, isn’t it. And probably a good one. But what of the effect of this news on those who do know? Are we to assume that they’re above a litrtle panic and anarchy themselves?