Should We Sue?

If you sue it could take a long long time to get the money, like a year, maybe more, plus your lawyer gets a third or what ever they can squeeze out of you. But if you just call their insurance comp, show pictures of your face, doctor statements, etc, they be more than happy to settle right away. They did for me, as a matter of fact, first thing the insurance guy asked me was, 'how much do you want?" I told him & he said fine & got a check in a few days.

Also, keep a daily diary of how you are feeling from day one. This is worth a lot of $$$$.

Um, I just want to address the “whatever they can squeeze out of you” comment. I think that’s truly offensive to people who are lawyers.

If you (collective you) think you can do your own legal work without them “squeezing” you, then go for it. My husband and I paid our lawyer a full 1/3 of our personal injury settlement from his motorcycle accident, and we were glad to do it. He was an excellent and honest man, and took care of everything for us. He deserved every penny he charged. The amount was agreed upon prior to any work being performed, as is probobly the norm.