Simpson's movie

From the reviews, I won’t see it. I’ve seen all the TV episodes at least once.
There’s apparently a line in the movie “Why pay for something that’s free on TV?”
What’s your answer:

The Simpsons Movie. We’re goshdarn persnickety about apostrophes 'round here.

I’ll wait for reviews before spending any money. After all these years, I don’t know what new ground they could cover in a movie (unless they get an R rating and show Marge in a way that finally settles whether the carpet matches the blue drapes).

Except – on the big screen, they could potentially have every character in the show, in recognizable form, onscreen at once, or in other ways use the big canvas available to them.

Here’s a crazy answer- because I expect to have fun seeing it. And even better, it’ll be be something new and something I can enjoy with a crowd. I pay for the DVDs, so the “you get it for free” argument doesn’t matter. $8 or $10 for the movie is nothing anyway.

I doubt it, but I hear you do get a glimpse of Little Bart.

The review I read specifically mentions that not all the recurring characters from the series appear in the movie. (If they did, I would expect to hear the film criticized for having shoehorned them all in just for the sake of it.)

As I do with all movies, I’ll wait till it’s out on DVD, but I’ll definitely see it.

Watching The Simpsons with a crowd is far more fun than watching it alone.

A great many of them do, though. Wikipedia says 98 characters have speaking parts, and there aren’t that many ‘guest stars’ in the movie.

Yes but do speaking parts include “Yarrr” “Excelent” “AHooodinadin” or a Barney Belch?

The producers have said one very famous person everyone would recognize has a guest appearance in the movie. Some reviews have already given it away. Tom Hanks

See it for free on television?

Do you not pay for your cable and/or satellite dish? I don’t get to watch the Simpsons for free — antenna reception stinks and I don’t have cable.

It’s the first movie I’ve ever wanted to see on opening night.

Metacritic has it at 80, which is in the same range as Hot Fuzz.

I’ll definitely see it this weekend. Can’t wait. :slight_smile:

Wow. That’s all I need to convince me to go opening weekend. If it’s even half as good as Hot Fuzz, it’ll be worth the price of admission. I love Hot Fuzz so much, I’m going to pay to see it for the tenth time this afternoon. (Once more before it’s out on DVD, July 31! Woo!)

Er…who said this one?

I’m guessing it’s an attempt to imitate Professor Frink GLAVIN!

86% on Rotten Tomatoes. 88% Cream of the Crop.

I’d like to see it. Plus I can take my kid.

I’ll be seeing it when it hits theatres.

My local theatre will have it at $5 before 4pm, so I’ll probably catch one of those airings instead of waiting until the night airing. (Less people that way.)

Stephen Hunter at the Washington post gave it a perfect rating. Here’s the last paragraph:

This will be the first movie I’ll go to a theater to see in about two years.

Eh, I’ll hold off until I hear glowing reviews from people I know who have similar opinions on the show as I do (once brilliant, now very far from it).

Until then it’ll stay a rental. Or wait til it’s on a premium channel.

Will there be a spoiler hold on The Simpsons Movie at the Dope like Harry Potter? I’m a fan of both. But I’ve been watching The Simpsons for longer.

AND, I can’t stop singing the SpiderPig song.

With both, I purposely didn’t seek spoilers of any kind, though Simpsons is sillier. In that cartooniverse, the 'ending ’ doesn’t matter so much but still, I’d like some surprise.

Although it has nothing to do with this movie or its reviews, my all-time favorite comparison in describing The Simpsons’s mixture of witty dialogue and silly slapstick was given by former U.S. Poet Laureate Robert Pinsky, who once compared the show to “a Noel Coward play being performed in a burning fireworks factory.” When is Tallulah Bankhead going to get to the fireworks factory?