Singer Morrissey gets smacked in the eye with a bottle. British fans upset he won't return to stage

Story & video here. You Brits are a tough crowd.

Morrissey hasn’t killed himself yet? I am genuinely surprised.

I’m laughing because someone thinks he should be use to getting hit in the face with a bottle.

In his wiki he seems a respected, near iconic, music figure. Why should he kill himself?

I’m glad he walked off. Good for him.

It’s not that he should kill himself, it’s that his entire schtick is basically suicidal ideation set to a beat. It’s surprising that he hasn’t followed through yet.

I’m trying to figure out why I’ve never heard of the most influential artist ever.

Couldn’t have happened to a nicer bloke. *

  • Not that I’m advocating violence, but really, if it had to happen to someone, at least it was him.

For real? I don’t know your music tastes, but maybe it’s because he’s from a different genre than what you normally pay attention to? There are probably lots of important, respected, influential and near iconic artists you haven’t heard of. Have you heard of Kirsty MacColl? Jeff Buckley? Kate Bush? Youssou N’Dour? Ravi Shankar? Jane Siberry? Ian Curtis? Nick Drake? Victoria Williams? Mary Margaret O’Hara? You probably know some I haven’t heard of.

Btw, could you point out where and who said he was “the most influential artist ever”?

I’m not into Morrissey myself, but, my god, he’s definitely iconic in his genre.

Some people survive by writing out their demons into songs or poems or books. They can keep going because they got/can get it out of their system into art. Some artists can’t, or it’s not enough, and they die.

This slight veneer of scorn because he hasn’t killed himself is disturbing.

Had you really never heard of the Smiths?


It’s about time, I’m sick of hearing about how great this whiny bastard is. Another musician who may have done some good stuff in the past, but has overstayed his welcome.

Belligerent ghouls…

The thing is, hundreds or thousands of people spent weeks or months looking forward to the concert, they paid their hard-earned money and fought traffic and crowds to watch and listen to him perform, and he got into a snit a blew them all off not even two songs into the show because he got hit with a plastic beer bottle.

Everyone should get their tickets refunded and the promoters should sue his ass off.

Geez, have the English never heard of chicken wire?

It’s true - Barbarism Begins at Home

A crack on the head
is what you get for not performing
and a crack on the head
is what you get for performing

Chicken Wire?

Was it an empty plastic beer bottle or a full plastic beer bottle.

I suspect the two would have different impacts on how I’d feel about the incident.

Wait, it’s about time someone hit him in the face with a bottle? You want everyone you don’t like to be hit in the face with a bottle, or another sort of physical smackdown? My goodness, what’s wrong with just ignoring people you don’t like? Why wish them physical harm?

I never even heard a Smiths song until I saw the movie (500) Days of Summer, and still couldn’t name one, but this hostility is really, really bizarre.

No, the promoters should refund tickets then sue the ass off the asshole who threw the bottle.

I’m surprised the crowd didn’t take some of their anger out on who threw the bottle. Surely, the people around the the thrower (tosser?) saw him do it.