Sir T-Cups, come on down

If you can get a decal from the granny ring, you’re doing something seriously wrong.

Seriously? He’s asserting his right to continue to put his life in danger and you want to support that?

First of all he’s wrong. Rick’s OP was on the money and completely accurate.

Secondly even if he was right and was actually a pedestrian he could have been dead and right. Mithras nailed that one. You are responsible for your own safety if you SEE someone doing something that is dangerous to you, take precautions.

Good god how has society survived so long.

I’d argue with you, but I don’t wrestle with pigs.

You are so incredibly wrong. Some days I’m ashamed to be a member here.

Door, ass… you know the rest.

PS, if THIS is what shames you you’re reading the wrong posts.


To me, it’s not even the fact that T-cups was wrong, but how he played it. If, once the error of his ways was pointed out to him about riding the wrong way and on a sidewalk, he’d said, “Oh, okay- I was in the wrong. Now I’ll man up and accept my blame in it”, I’d have admired him for that. I wouldn’t even begrudge him the truck driver buying him a new bike. But to whine to such a degree about being right, even though “technically” he’s wrong- wtf kind of bullshit is that? How do you think you’re right, even though you know you’re wrong?

Oh - please don’t threaten to leave! Whatever would we do without the creepiest fucker who ever stalked this message board? How would we live without you regaling us with tales of cross-country blind dates, awkward hand holding, and inappropriate sexual advances? We’d lose one of the most dedicated white knights we have, and we just cannot have that.

Won’t someone think of the snark boards?

I hear that you are feeling shame, and I understand.

I too have felt shame. I have listened to your thoughts, and I also feel ashamed.

Now what I am feeling is sad. I am sad that you feel shame.

I hope that now we can move on from this shame, and from this sad, and feel happy.

Thank you for being so open with us today.

Sidewalk riding is always a contentious issue. I think it stems primarily from the differing levels of use of sidewalks where people live. Here in the South Florida sprawl, sidewalks are continuous, wide, and rarely utilized, whereas bike lanes start and stop capriciously and most main roads are 45 mph or better. Couple that with a plethora of retired and new immigrant drivers and the sidewalk looks mighty fine most of the time. Might be against the law, but it’s a lot safer for me in my area. When I get into the downtown district or areas with a lot of public driveways, I get back into the street and pray that I don’t get mowed down by a cotton-top or some asshole on his cellphone.

I was on his side when I read the OP. I was still on his side a bit when I found out just how the accident happened.
I stopped being on his side when he showed a disregard for the law, wanted to encourage a bike shop employee to help him commit fraud, and his insistence that he was a pedestrian despite numerous cites and posts to the contrary.
I’m not pitting him for getting hit by a truck, I’m not pitting him for not knowing how/where to rise a bike, I’m not pitting him for not knowing the laws of his state. What I am pitting him for is being an entitled jerk who thinks the laws (both of his state and of Physics) shouldn’t apply to him.
That sir makes him fair game.

I read the first line of his thread - where he stated *" I see a truck wanting to turn out of a restaurant but I don’t pay too much attention to it because I’m riding on a sidewalk" *…

I underlined the first two things that jumped out to me when I read his OP. I wonder how a jury would view a person illegally riding (at least in my jurisdiction) on a sidewalk while not paying too much attention?

Sir T-Cups, accident avoidance is a full time job for everyone using the road. Both need to be vigilant and comply with the rules of the road. You failed on both accounts. I’m glad you weren’t seriously hurt, but I put you at least 50% responsible for this accident.

Sorry, I can go with the bike-on-a-sidewalk pitting, but I utterly refuse to give any grief about pedestrians on the sidewalk. It may be prudent to get eye contact and be alert, but it is not always possible or practical. The obligation of safety is on the driver when it comes to dealing with pedestrians on sidewalks.

The legal obligation yes, but I don’t want my tombstone to read I had the right of way so I pay attention and don’t turn my back (metaphorically) on drivers crossing my path or chimps.

Can I just say again that I never asked the bike shop to lie? I never put that in my posts. Ever. I said that I was going to have the bike shop guy say it was totaled, because it was, and then buy the Target bike.

Obviously I’m not a professional or avid bike rider and saw no reason to waste the bike shop guys time anyway, much less waste money on that expensive a bike.

I know this is the pit and all and I didn’t include it in my post, but in my head my point is less, “That guy’s an idiot and I’m laughing at him,” and more, “Under all circumstances, what he did was unwise and for this reason he shouldn’t do it again.”

It’s because walking in front of a car before you know it’s safe is as stupid as walking behind a car in a parking lot with its reverse lights on. And he was using, “but I’m just a pedestrian and I have the right of way,” as a defense. If he actually were a pedestrian, he would be in the right technically. He would also have done something stupid and might also be dead. In that case, the driver would be charged with something. But Sir T-Cups would still be dead.

I never said don’t pay attention, I just don’t want any watering down of the driver’s ironclad responsibilities via victim blaming. Everyone is having a nice, chummy pile-on of T-Cups that some folks thought it would be a good idea to start in on that aspect. Like I said in my post, it is not always practical or possible to get eye contact or avoid walking in front of a car coming out of a parking lot. I have friends who are legally blind, what are they supposed to do?

Stop riding bikes on the pavement.

Is that all you’re going to say? You’re *just *going to say you didn’t ask the bike shop to lie? Everything else is accurate?

Actually you said,

Since, at that time, you had no idea what the damage cost to your bike would be, it’s easy to assume that your intent was to scam the truck driver into buying a new bike.

Pretty sure I missed the edit window on the first post so just to add to that: I don’t care if you hate me…I just don’t want to be called a liar.

Thanks for the people down here who are supporting and see what I’m talking about. I’m not really a fan of the whole pitting thing so you all have fun arguing and talking about me. I’ll be in the other boards bitching about my Simpsons book that hasn’t come, trying to get a spoiler tag put in, and whatever else seems interesting