Sir Wilbur, shower...........shower, Sir Wilbur.

A few days ago my daughter came to me; damp, in a towel, and holding our newest Kitten, Sir Wilbur, also in a towel. She said that she had taken him into the shower with her to see what his reaction would be, and that he didn’t mind it at all. <Yes, I know, I have strange children, and even stranger pets> He was just draped all over her arms, head hanging down, looking at me as if to say “It’s all cool. As long as I get some loving, some food, and sleep when I want it, life is great!”

So, anyway, then we come to last night, around 11p. I am sitting here chatting with Mr Bear on ICQ, when I hear this very high-pitched screeech, a loud thud, and then an angry voice demanding to know who had the bright idea of letting the kitten in the shower with him? My daughter then comes running out from the hallway, laughing hysterically, with a huge grin on her face. When I ask what in the world is going on, her smile gets even bigger, and she says that she didn’t do it. <I’m thinking by now, yeah, right!>

Turns out that Wilbur somehow got into the bathroom with our son while he was in the shower and he decided to hop in the shower with him. Needless to say, our son did not appreciate it one little bit! When I told Mr Bear, he started in with some nasty comments, about did I mind our son being in the shower with a pussy, and other such rude comments. I pointed out that Sir Wilbur is a male cat; upon which he asked me if there was something I needed to tell him about our son. It went downhill from there, til I was laughing so hard the pets came to see what was wrong with me.

Our puppy, Crystal, half Jack Russell terrier, half toy fox terrier, came up and was sitting here, looking up at me, head cocked to one side, as if asking if I had lost my marbles, and could she help me find them again. Our other kitten <well, she got fat while we were gone, so she doesn’t look like a kitten any more> Heather, came by and gave me one of those looks that only cats can do right, saying ‘you have obviously lost your mind, what little you had to begin with’.

So, it appears we have a kitten who likes taking showers, and he also likes to sit in the bathroom sink, wet or not. Go figure! I’ll have to make sure that I lock our bathroom door tonight when I take my shower!

You have a cat named Sir Wilbur? Have you posted to the pet names thread yet?

I too have strange pets and strange children. While my daughter has not yet tried to take our kitten in to the tub with her, I wouldn’t put it past her.

Lawsy lawsy lawsy…

And to think I gave Purp that wee beastie. Sigh.

He’ll probably also have a penchant for cinnamon oil…

goodness, i’m not alone. my cats always come running when i laugh hard, nod the naughty will even try to stick her head in my mouth to see where the sound is coming from.

nod the naughty and winkin the wonderful so far have only watched from the rim of the tub. i’m waiting for one of them to fall in.

sounds like your cat is a “newfy.”

When I brought one dog home he had apparently lived too long in a cage with a drinking bottle. He would drink from a bowl but was confused until he found the drippy bathtub faucet. As he began drinking from it the look on his face said “I knew you had one here somewhere!”

Purplebear that is pretty funny. Sounds like you have yourself an interesting cat. Your story reminds me of a dog that I used to have that was a poodle chihuaha (sp?) mix when I was about ten. On the day we brought her home I thought I would give her a bath so that she would be nice and pretty. So there I am fixing to place the dog in the bathtub when all of the sudden she just goes limp in my hands. No noise or anything just completely limp. I thought for sure somehow I had killed her so I start screaming for my mom. My mom comes running in there to find me in hysteric holding the (what I thought) dead dog. She takes the dog and lays her down and the dog starts moving around and wakes up.

It turns out later after we called the original owners that the dog is terrified of water and would actually faint if you tried to put her in water. So every time after that when she would need a bath she would be unconscience the whole time I bathed her. Now remember I was a kid and kids can be kind of mean so sometimes when I would have friends over I would ask them if they wanted to see a neat trick my dog could do. I think about that now and can’t beleive I would do that to the poor thing. :eek:

If that’s what your daughter does with a cat, PB, I’ll be sure not to bring any of my dogs with me if I ever come visit.

No, I haven’t yet, but I will post our pets’ names in that thread. Thanks for reminding me.

I wouldn’t either, Persephone! Be prepared! :stuck_out_tongue:

VB, now, if he does, it’s all your fault anyway!

rocking chair, I love your names for your kitties. Yep, it could happen, just be ready for a loud screeech!

Cool story, drop. Hehehee. I can just see that look.

LOL! Shanin, that is so funny! That poor doggie. You were very mean to it, showing off for your friends like that! :slight_smile:

Paddy, I’ll be sure and tell her you said that. :wink:

That was good purp…Your daughter was lucky not to have her body completely scratched up…and your son…oh well, I guess he likes to shower alone!!!

When our youngest was a little smaller…she used to JUMP into the shower…one time she came in while I was there and was DRENCHED…
I also tried taking the oldest cat in the bathtub years ago when I was about 7 or 8. BIG mistake…she clawed the living shit out of me!

thank you, purplebear, the girls do all they can to live up to their names.

nod the naughty has recently taken to swatting the bubbles; she has a very wicked right hook. i believe 'screaming bloody murder" would be the sound heard on the east coast, should a drop-in occur. everyone has their claws.

pipefitter, yes, she was very lucky indeed. Fortunately, she has always assumed that all animals are her friends, and she’s rarely been wrong about that. And, yes, son does prefer to shower alone (as far as I know; he’s off to college in 2wks, so we’ll see!).

Guinastasia, OUCH! I can sympathize. :frowning:

LOL! Rocking chair, I can picture it now, swatting at a bubble, miscalculating, and going Splooosh! You may be right about the scream. :smiley: And, you’re quite welcome.

To give you a bit of a description of Sir Wilbur, he is black with white paws, white whiskers, white on his tummy, and a white chin and neck <except for his perfect little black goatee!>. He has gorgeous yellow eyes too. He has fit right into our family, and is at this minute wrassling with our puppy Crystal on the floor nearby.

Thanks to everyone who posted here. I hope to read more stories about their pets, so please, feel free to post them here.