Sis gets her 2 year medallion Thursday!!!!

Two years ago on Father’s Day my brother-in-law, 4 mutual friends and I performed an intervention on my sister. While the intervention itself went well, it was rough on me personally - as I like to say, I didn’t start bawling til she walked into the house…

She hasn’t had any relapses, and she has had a fairly easy time with being sober. The only time she’s been tempted is on those perfect sunny summer days when everyone else is tipping a beer on the porch or deck or dock or lake.


Last year I went to the AA meeting to see her get her one year medallion, and tomorrow (actually later tonight) I’m going to see her get her two year medallion. I know I will cry when I say it during the meeting in front of a bunch of other people so I want to post it here first, where no one can hear/see me bawl:

“Hi, my name is Rachel and I’m visiting. <Hi, Rachel.> I’m here because my sister has been sober for two years. I just want to say that I am extraordinarily proud of her. I don’t think I’ve ever told her that, and I just want everyone here to know.”

Christ. I’m bawling already. No way I’m making it through that bit tomorrow night.

For those of you currently have strife and sadness I want to share something I heard a year ago but, as I’m not religious, had forgotten…

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change
The courage to change the things I can
And the wisdom to know the difference.

Is it.

congrads to your sister! I have an uncle that is on his 5th year, so I know how imporntant it is.

Hi, Rachel!

AA works so well for so many people! My heartfelt congratulations to your sister. And a special {{{{{Rachel}}}}} for you. Don’t get it all out of your system here. Save some of those tears for your sister to see. She’ll appreciate the reassurance that you love her and are unspeakably proud and happy for her.

Sandyr, it is so wonderful that you are going with your sister for this.

You have every right to be proud of her. Stoping isn’t easy. But she did, and thankfully she had people there to support her while she did.

Sandyr, That is so great! I’m glad things are working so well for your sister. I think you’ll find that your tears will be very moving and meaningful for your sister. They let her know you love her and are proud of her. So don’t hold back and don’t be embarrassed. {{{{{sandyr}}}} {{{{rachel}}}}}

sandyr, please convey my congratulations and best wishes to your sister. What she has accomplished did not come easily. I am sure that your support means more to her than you might realize and a few tears on your part only confirm that support.


I know how you feel. I always go to my sisters birthdays too. Last time I got to give her her 5 year medallion and it was very special. Since the addiction diesease claimed the life of our father and brother I am SO grateful that my sis is still here. I can never get through those things without crying too. Tell her congrats from me too.

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday , Sandyr’s sister
Happy Birthday to you

Keep coming baaaack!

As a friend of Bill W., I share the sentiment!

Yep, I cried, and yep, it was wonderful :slight_smile:

I cried, she cried, the bro-in-law cried, the wonderful sweet dear person who gave her her medallion cried; Cathy has been sober for eight years and gave Rebecca her old two year medallion.

Then we went out after the meeting for pie and coffee and talked and laughed and gave gifts.

Isn’t it odd how things that make you so happy also tear at your heart so???

Happy 2nd Birthday, Sis :smiley: