"Six Feet Under" vs. "Weeds"

I watched both and really liked Weeds at the beginning, but it took a really dark turn when the Mexican mobsters got involved.

Weeds just got stupid IMO. I liked it in the beginning, but I couldn’t watch past the 3rd-4th season.

I liked SFU when it was New On Cable. Then I lost HBO and never finished. Tried to get back into it, but it seemed really dated and un-subtle. Same with The Wire.

Ooh I have disagree with you about “The Wire”. I just re-watched it over the summer and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Some of the technology is a little dated, but the story lines and characters more than make up for it.

I also re-watched “The Sopranos” in the last year and it was also really good.

Coincidentally I’m listening to Podcasts on both shows where the hosts break down each episode:

  • “Talking Soprano’s” with Christopher and Bobby Bachlia
  • “Way Down the Hole” - It’s a “Ringer” podcast with a couple of their hosts


Huh, you know I was wondering why “The Wire” didn’t grab me that much when I watched it for the first time this year (I found it good, but not great and didn’t get the hype for the show). It could be that it was just too dated (and yeah, pretty unsubtle a lot of the time).

yeah, I’m not saying it was a bad show. It was very decent, and I get the hype for what it was at that time. It was a relatively complex and nonjudgmental look behind the scenes of the drug trade, street life, politics and policing, the press, labor unions. Wasn’t a lot of that out there before, at least not of that caliber.

The thing is… given that there’s a lot more awareness of those topics nowadays, I found myself very irritated by the endless expository “as you know, Bob” dialog. Yes, in the year 2020, I actually do have a lot of familiarity with the subject matter, please stop explaining street slang and burner phones to me. Takes me out of the story.

I pretty much agree with everything in this post. The acting was very good and there were a lot of good episodes. I watched it to the end, but I didn’t enjoy the last few seasons, and I’m probably one of the rare people who didn’t really like the finale, although I recognize its merits.

One thing about Six Feet Under; it helped me to appreciate the work done by morticians, particularly in the scenes in which Federico explained what he had to do to make the deceased presentable.