Slow site loading?

Since late last night (August 25), when I go to load the main SDMB page, it’s been taking at least 30 seconds, and sometimes longer, to load. I’m wondering if there’s an issue going on, and if anyone else is experiencing this?

For what it’s worth, I’m using Firefox, on a Win10 machine; I’m not having this kind of issue on any other website I open.

I had trouble getting to the message board last night, although the other areas of the site seemed to work fine. It’s all working good for me now. I’m on Firefox and Windows 11.

I’ve experience no slow downs. Chrome on Win 10, 11 and Samsung Galaxy.
Have you tried at least going to with another browser as a test? This could be a Firefox issue.

Good call; that seems to be exactly what it is.

I just tried to load that domain again on Firefox, and it took 1 minute and 2 seconds to connect – once it finally connected, it did load immediately. Doing so on Chrome opened the site in a fraction of a second.

So the next Firefox update will probably fix, but maybe you can roll back to the prior version? I haven’t used Firefox in many years now. So I’m not sure.

Me too this morning, also Windows/Firefox. Any new page load sits for 45 seconds “Transferring data from…” before loading. Makes it pretty unusable. No problem on my phone.


Ah, my adblocker redirects those to something innocuous and fast-responding so I don’t see any delays from those kinds of sites.