Smoking etiquette

In Ireland you offer your smokes around to the others even when you know they all have their own smokes with them. People think I am fairly insane when I do it in Sweden, they all grab their packs and go “No, it’s ok, I have some!”

Boys, when offering a light to girls, please lift up the lighter, most guys seem to offer you the light at almost groin level!

But… but… tobacco smoke may pose health risks to the fetus!! :eek:

Put your cigarettes out thoroughly! I’m a smoker, but there is no smell worse than burning filter. What really gets me is when people at a bar or club simply throw their burning cigarette butts into the ashtray on your table in passing. :mad:

And here’s one for smokers and non-smokers alike: Please don’t put other stuff into ashtrays, e.g. your gum, the plastic wrapping from your pack, ice cubes (seems to be a favorite), all types of cocktail garnishings… Not only does it look and/or smell gross, but your waitress will have an easier time emptying and cleaning.

Which is why I never, ever give a smoke to a fetus. :slight_smile: Seriously, though, I don’t smoke around women who I know to be pregnant. But, if they’re in the bar, am I responsible for their fetus or are they?

'Nother good rule of thumb: If you’re in the States, don’t call it that. :slight_smile:

I don’t like the casual or “only when I drink” smokers who will bum my ciggies all night long. If I’m going out for a night, I bring my own stash which I know will get me through the evening. AND I’ve got friends who will literally smoke 1/2 my pack. If you know you’re going out with me, get your own damn it!

When you are a non-smoker going out with a smoker, at least take into account that you may have to wait a few minutes after meals and such while the poor smoker has a few puffs…especially when said smoker has agreed to not smoke during dinner, drinks and the like.

If you’re inviting a smoker to your house, you should place an old can or something to ash in and hold the butts. I’m talking about outside, of course, which will prevent us from littering as well as bringing stinky butts into your house to throw them away.

All for now.

Do you think this might be a subtle way to get the girl to lean forward, so the person offering the light can get a better view, as it were?

Hmm, good advice.

I’ll just post my own smoking rules, since I’m bound to repeat something inadvertantly.

I don’t smoke around non-smokers, or in the homes or cars of non-smokers. I will excuse myself and go outdoors. If you are a non-smoker and you wish to join me in conversation outside, feel free, but do not wave your hands around and complain when you’ve followed the smoke there! Please don’t put things in my ashtray. If no ashtray is available, I will dispose of my cigarette butts neatly and without setting fire to anything (usually in a soda can that is CLEARLY bent up, so no one inadvertantly drinks out of it), and I will pop an Altoid before I go back in the house and breathe on your kids.

If you are a guest in my house, I will cheerfully smoke in another room, or with a window open, or just wait until you leave. If there are multiple smokers here, I will designate one room as the smoking room, and if any non-smokers go in that room, they’re on their own.

NEVER NEVER NEVER smoke while there are dinner plates on a table. Even if everyone at the table is a smoker, dishes and food must be cleared away before ashtrays are brought out.

Sorry! Blame those @#$% cheap lighters that occasionally spout a geyser of flame about six inches long. We’re really just trying to avoid singeing your eyebrows off. Really! We’re definitely NOT trying to get you to bend over so we can check out your cleavage better, right guys? Back me up on this one, okay?


Scans down… Oh, damn! Mangetout, you’ve ruined it for the rest of us. I just hope you’re happy! :mad:

I’ve seen people almost burn their eyebrows off because they didn’t check to make sure the lighter wasn’t set to full blast (you know, the ones that have the little knob to go from lowest to highest power–I felt really guilty one time, I left mine on full and let someone use it and she said she almost burned her face!). Of course, this can be more of a danger with pipes than cigarettes, because of how much higher and (depending on the pipe) closer to your face the lighter is.

BTW, I should clarify that I never ask for cigarettes, I only take them if they’re offered. And I have bought cigs and shared them with friends in the past, it’s just that I don’t buy anymore because I don’t smoke regularly anymore. (Although I like to think I never really made a habit of it in the first place.)

Stop smoking on the dance floor…especially if you are drunk. (Slightly related: Leave your drink too, I’ve seen beer bottles ON the dance floor, just rolling around under people’s feet).

If you are a smoker, and three of your friends aren’t, why would you make them sit in the smoking section of a restaurant?

Oh, and about not putting other things in the ashtray? Don’t drop your butts into a glass. ~gags~ That’s nasty…and if you do that in a bar, it’s doubly nasty. The glasses are bad enough as it is.


If I am in my house, I will smoke when and where I please. If you complain, you likely will not be receiving another invite.

The bum limit is one. If I need a second, I have to go buy my own pack.

If you let people smoke in your house, you need to invest in an ashtray.

Remove all removable packaging from a pack when you open it. Cellophane, camel notes/marlboro miles, etcetera, and throw it all away in a trash can. (Optional: keep the outer cellophane on for roach storage.)

If I will be out and about, I bring two packs. One is just opened, and the other is empty. The empty pack is where the butts go, after they have been field-stripped.

Tobacco and marijuana etiquette are not related. If you bum a cigarette from someone, you are expected to continue on your way. If you bum a toke, you are expected to hang for a minute.

When bumming a cigarette and a light, (usually eliciting the “all you’ve got is a habit” response) be sure to return the person’s lighter to them. Don’t be a lighter thief.

The former. Someone asked I answered. Is it sensual? Darn right it is. Maybe if more ladies knew this early on, smoking would not be on the edge of extinction.