Snowmobiles banned in Yellowstone National Park!

Unless the studies show that thermal inversions are different in Yellowstone Park than any other place on the planet then they are a temporary event. and by temporary I’m talking about hours and not days.

Fine with me. but again, were comparing Winter with the other seasons and it is represents a much reduced level of pollution so it basically revolves around any habitat concerns. There is the short-term consideration of recent fire devastation that can be factored into this. I would expect human interaction to increase over time as wildlife increases.

I’m not disagreeing with your point but this is a park to be enjoyed by all. It should only be limited to habitat damage and that is something tangible that can be measured against a specific set of goals. It’s like the ANWAR debate. It was thought that the pipeline would decrease the caribou population. Turns out it didn’t and they love it. Great ,build the dam pipeline and move on to real unsolved issues.