So how much money has Stephanie Clifford made over Trump?

And of course, campaigns don’t have whole sections dedicated to digging up dirt on the opposition, dirt which is buried much deeper than this, what appears to be a pretty boilerplate NDA and payoff. Unless you think that such things are always effective regardless of what scrutiny a candidate’s past may be subjected to. In which case that is shockingly naive.

Where the hell have I suggested that?:rolleyes:

She apparently got arrested ata strip club.

I know I’m responding to an old comment, but there’s a difference between what political opponents know and what they can prove.

I’m sure other political campaigns had investigated Trump and had heard that he had an affair with Clifford. But how could they use it? If they announced it, Trump would have denied it and, at that point, Clifford would have too. People would have then been free to believe this was just a baseless attack on Trump.

Opponents could have thrown it out as a rumor but let’s face facts, there were plenty of rumors about Trump having affairs out there. Trump himself fueled that fire. Adding another rumor to the mix wasn’t going to damage Trump any further.

Yeah, but you never know how everything is going to actually play out and what may stick.
In the campaign the biggest quake felt by the Trump campaign was the Access Hollywood Tape. Which in relative terms is rather “meh” compared to the other things he said which did not have such an effect.

If they had known they would have found ways to release it.

Charges dropped.

When I read this a month or so ago, I thought, “hmmmm…the phrase sounds like something I’ve heard before, but where …” Now I’ve heard it used four times by three different people since Monday. Two of the three are Indian (one was German-Indian, but mostly raised in India as a child - his German accent is most unusual) while the third was Pakistani, I think (my familiarity with East Indian family names is incomplete).

Coincidentally, I asked two Indian engineers I work with what they thought of the phrase: one thought it was odd I would even ask the question (“what would you say instead?”) while the other insisted it was “something my parents might say…but then they’re pretty old” (he’s 27 :eyeroll: )

I just popped in to say, I am a great admirer of Ms.Daniels. One of the few people who Trump wasn’t able to stiff!

She won my heart in the initial twitter battles, where nothing the trolls could come up with fazed her in the slightest. She couldn’t be shamed, intimidated, or shut up, and not only that, she clearly was enjoying herself immensely.

We could use more like her.

Was the double entendre intentional?