So I took out my stitches last night...

Over the years, I’ve had a few female cats, and always gotten them spayed. Only ONE cat didn’t remove the spaying stitches herself. Who needs scissors and tweezers when you have sharp little kitty teeth?

My girlfriend got her appendix taken out about a year ago.

About 10 days after the surgery, her incision site got what looked like a little bump, almost a zit like thing.

She picked at it for a few days before excavating the end of a stitch. She pulled it out. As well as two more.

These were not holding her belly closed… they were actually INSIDE her.

I yelled at her for it. Silly girl.

I cut my thumb with a brand new razor at work and required three stitches. Another girl had to drive myself and my car to the emergency room, with her the whole time wailing that she wasn’t going to watch and hoped I didn’t need stitches. The whole time I wasn’t in much pain as the blade was extremly sharp and made a nice clean cut.

I didn’t get any shots, just a squirt with some liquid that was supposed to burn but really didn’t. I watched the Dr. do the stitches in me. I actually thought it was pretty neat. I played with them, but I was sad the day the Dr. took them out. I wanted to keep them but I was told that they’d fall out or have skin grow over them eventually anyway. (In the meantime I was doing something like ear piercing, trying to keep the holes intact by moving the thread around so it didn’t stick.)

My thumb is still all tingly where it got sewn back together. Maybe I should have tried to get some compensation from my job (besides them paying for the awesome stitches…)

It does. Trust me.

– Dragonblink, scarred veteran of three years of braces